Friday, March 7, 2014

Alegria Esque

 A long time ago (guess of year about 2009) I made this image based off Cirque Du Soleil's "Alegria" show, which was a very well known show (but is sadly retired and no longer touring as of recently; shame I never got to see it live, at least the DVD exists).

     My inspiration came from two of my favorite acts in the show; the vocalist with her bouncy white dress, and the contortionist with her aquatic looking tight suit (actual pictures shown above and left).

 Just to add a little more flair, I drew a contortionist practicing aerial silk twists while looking over at the admiring vocalist who's readying for the next act in the above art piece.

I had fun trying to mimic patterns of the stage and bright lights on the floor, hence the colorful circles on the floor of this drawing.

Material: Mostly colored pencil with hints of sparkly jell pen. 
Note, the original (above) isn't very well filled in because I was using pencil; to get around this, I used the smudge tool and made a few touch ups digitally. I also found that I practically only half finished the black backdrop, and got tired; only leaving a dark outline to define the characters and help them stand out from the sketchy coloring.

Overall, for being old, I think this image still holds a good amount of emotion in the faces. Almost like the contortionist and vocalist are good friends, and the vocalist is is snickering about the awkward interruption when her contortionist friend rolls down in front of her from the draping silk, and catches her off guard.

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