Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Pearl Discoverd- Improved

Some of you may recall a small post I did called, A Pearl Discovered back in 2011. Looking back on this post made me want to improve this possibly 2009 (likely older) image, as I have to other old digital works during 2013 around December. 

I used the same techniques on this as I did for other old images; simply shaded and added highlights, to help the colors stand out more. Granted I could have worked on this even more if I wanted to (fix all the squigglies, and tweak the shading), but I didn't feel I should spend too much time improving an older work that has its flaws, when I could spend that time making a new version based off it.

As you can see on the left, I've included the original with its flat tones. Granted it looks pretty good without extra lighting, but I wanted to make it more vibrant just because. I'll also note that I added an underwater blue filter to the rendition, just to cut down on the vibrancy slightly, and give it that just right aquatic tint.
  I had the sudden urge to post this mermaid image early (before it hits summer) because recently I made improvements to yet another image that also has an ocean theme to it called, Seaside Treasure which I did for an online class back in 2011.

 Both images have one thing in common, the discovery of a Pearl. Enjoy. ^_^

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