Saturday, March 29, 2014

Doctor's Orders

This might make some queezy (so sorry).  I've had this idea for a long time..over a year I think. The concept was inspired of a simple novelty pen; that's right, a pen which looks like a syringe. Did you know it has red ink? XD (Seriously, it writes in red). I got it at Five and Below during October, part of the Halloween stuff you could say; sadly a long time later the pens "charm" (it's red liquid that made the pen look like a filled syringe) had dried up before I could make my picture.

The concept isn't mean to be scary, but more like a medical advertisement for a healthy heart; and proper care, hence the name "Doctor's Order's".

Here's how I did it: I simply drew a heart and spikes with red ink on a piece of printer paper (wanted to make it look like a heart monitor where the largest blip is a heart, not a spike. I then scanned this drawing and cleaned it up with PSE. Beforehand I slipped on a latex glove and held the syringe pen, placing its tip on the monitor line right next to the heart, like I'm giving a shot, then I took a photo of my hand. I then selected by hand and pasted it to my monitor picture, placing it where I wanted it; but most importantly I had to make the syringe look like it had something in it since it was all dried up, so I darkened the area I wanted liquid to be, and it worked. From there it looked pretty good, but I felt it needed more, so I added the title and surrounded it with a chrome frame that represents a metal tray which holds medical tools. Final touches were to add some *cough* blood spots in opposing corners (it just seemed needed). Not like me to make pictures like this, but for some reason I like this one.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cram Broule card

I made this card for my sisters birthday today. It was a last minute pun that surfaced when I remembered what desert we were having; crembroule.

Only instead of crembroule, I thought of what you do when you eat it, so I said cram broule, and then on the inside finished the sentence with (In Your Mouth). I loved making this card. ^.^

The image was drawn with pencil, then I used a letter stencil, and some gold ink stamping. The desert was done in colored pencil, the letters with marker, and the plate decoration with gold jell pen.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Emerald Wind

"Emerald Wind" (originally called "Green Gown of Evening" but changed for the sake of being less lengthy) is an image dating back to about 2011 (I think). 

I was inspired to try a Nouveau themed splash page, where I started with an anonymous border, then wanted to draw in cloth folds, and soon made a woman in some odd style, who's wearing emerald green and sitting on some kind of strange one armed stool.

In my geekyness, I feel the image could represent the element of wind, hence the flowing of the hair and gown, and the color green (the elemental color for air, in a Bionicle reference that is).

Once again I'm so glad for digital options of rendering. If it weren't for PSE, this image would have remained more of a disaster than a fairly pleasant art piece.

The original (left) was merged improperly after a split scan, and if you get in close you can see there's a blurred line where the image doesn't match up properly. I didn't feel like scanning this picture again, so instead I tweaked the spots with blurring, and created a marker brush to disguise skewed lines. The more I play with PSE, the more I love it (and lately have been understanding how to better restore imagery with a few flaws).

The other tweak I made was to the woman's nose. I made a brush to mimic colored pencil, and colored over that unneeded black line representing her nose bridge. In my eyes it greatly helped, and looks so much better now; not so alien.

Material: Marker, jell pen, colored pencil, digital tweaks.

Have a great St. Patrick's Day! ^.^

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Princess Peacock

 "Princess Peacock" (originally called Arabian Halls) was a collage I did back around 2011 I think. It was my first try in making a beautiful collage made up almost entirely of scrapbook paper, carefully cut to shape after I created paper stencils for each element.

First I painted yellow at the top of my canvas board, then added walls, and curtains which splayed as though wind of the desert evening was blowing through the door. Next came the flooring and purple carpet. Then came the pillars, and gold accents dusted with black chalk to define the edges. And last came the princess of this fancy palace, an element I made by tracing and tweaking over a basic image of a woman in a soap advertisement, drawing new clothes and hair on her, and coloring it with both Prismacolor pencils and gold jell pen; then I glued her down after creating a shadow with pan pastel.

A closer view of Princess Peacock (above). 

Princess Peacock, her name based off her favorite clothing colors, is a young and passionate individual, who though has a name based off a flaunting creature, doesn't boast of her supposed beauty, and rather prefers to stay away from the princes and sheiks who come in attempt to impress. 

Princess Peacock enjoys the golden evenings of the desert, and often wanders through the great and glimmering halls of her palace, nuzzling her face against the soft, purple silk sari she often wears when evening falls and the air grows colder. The sound of her pet peacocks chirping rings through the halls, and she dreams of how silly her security is; the peacocks being alarms and kept in her chambers to warn her if invaders have broken in to steal her. Regardless, she loves to see her birds flaunt their giant tails as she wanders through the gardens; and in her mockery, has said her peacocks and the garden impress her any day over sheiks and riches, feeling simplicity and nature are richer than gold.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Pearl Discoverd- Improved

Some of you may recall a small post I did called, A Pearl Discovered back in 2011. Looking back on this post made me want to improve this possibly 2009 (likely older) image, as I have to other old digital works during 2013 around December. 

I used the same techniques on this as I did for other old images; simply shaded and added highlights, to help the colors stand out more. Granted I could have worked on this even more if I wanted to (fix all the squigglies, and tweak the shading), but I didn't feel I should spend too much time improving an older work that has its flaws, when I could spend that time making a new version based off it.

As you can see on the left, I've included the original with its flat tones. Granted it looks pretty good without extra lighting, but I wanted to make it more vibrant just because. I'll also note that I added an underwater blue filter to the rendition, just to cut down on the vibrancy slightly, and give it that just right aquatic tint.
  I had the sudden urge to post this mermaid image early (before it hits summer) because recently I made improvements to yet another image that also has an ocean theme to it called, Seaside Treasure which I did for an online class back in 2011.

 Both images have one thing in common, the discovery of a Pearl. Enjoy. ^_^

Friday, March 14, 2014

Ultra Violet City Exploration

This comic book styled illustration, done on 12x14 paper, and made around the year 2010; was created very soon after my first perspective drawing test Blue Clock Tower. You may notice this, since I didn't seem to break from using the same perspective angle over again... (oh well); no matter though, as of recently this piece went from interesting, to absolutely fascinating.

Just this evening I reflected back on something my brother said about this picture quite some time ago; he said the image reminded him of Ultra Man. For awhile I never payed full attention to his opinion, but the more I looked at this image, the more I realized he had a point. 

Then it happened, I thought to myself; ah yes, Ultra Man, I remember clips of that show from way back when I was quite little. And I thought, hmm, if Ultra Man had a female counterpart, what would her name be? Suddenly the the name Ultra Violet came to mind, and I was swept away by the idea. Imagine, a feminine beauty of Ultra Man, his female counterpart and protector of the innocent, caring and willing to aid in a fight against evil monsters that threaten to destroy the Earth. Only unlike Ultra Man, she's clad in shades of teal armor (more robotic in nature), and her strongest weapon is the power to blast ultra violet rays at an enemy, blinding them for brief amounts of time, and making them see in a spectrum of such intense colors that it hurts to even open their eyes. (Someday I may carry this concept further)

Originally this picture was anonymous, I thought it would be fun to draw a very large robot woman walking through the city, and attracting unwanted attention from a news/military copter.
I couldn't decided on what kind of copter it should be at first. I drew an N on it to stand for news, but the guys inside were at first suppose to military (the man in the back holding a bomb shooter). Later though I didn't feel that worked, and decided he green news man was holding a camera, capturing live footage of the giant robotic woman (right), who calmly observes the little people through the glass of a building; confused at why they run around and scream, pointing at her as though she were ugly.

Trivia: I drew the middle building first from what I recall, and had trouble bending my head around the angle I was going for in this image (which is why the angles of surrounding buildings, and characters weren't quite the same). Things are a little off in this image, but I still find the piece to be rather interesting. Enjoy, and have fun imagining her adventure following soon after this scene. ^.~

Material: The entire thing was done with marker, and a hint of jell pen.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

K'Nex mic stand with pop filter

As some of you may recall, I did a post back in 2011 on a little invention called K'Nex Microphone Stand. Since then I've made improvements to this simple stand, and share what they
 are and how they work in the video above.

In the basic images above of left and right views on the stand, you can see that unlike its previous version, I added extensions to increase its leg height (that way it was more level with my mouth). The cording, as usual, is bunched up and held with a rubber band; then slipped 
into the middle of the stand to keep it out of the way.
 Last, and newest extension to the stand is a noise/pop filter for reducing breath sounds during recording. I made it so the holder can move back and forth for recording with or without it (details are given in the video). The pop filter itself is just an embroidery hoop with panty hose wedged between it. I looked at a company brand pop filter, and my crafty side kicked in on how I could make my own; but when I tried to explain what I needed to make it, my drift was lost. That is until my mom asked me if I ever tried looking up instructions to see if anyone has made a noise pop filter. I didn't try that, and when we looked up, we were surprised to find that someone had made a filter in the exact way I was trying to (so I included the video link to that in my video above). ^.~

Friday, March 7, 2014

Alegria Esque

 A long time ago (guess of year about 2009) I made this image based off Cirque Du Soleil's "Alegria" show, which was a very well known show (but is sadly retired and no longer touring as of recently; shame I never got to see it live, at least the DVD exists).

     My inspiration came from two of my favorite acts in the show; the vocalist with her bouncy white dress, and the contortionist with her aquatic looking tight suit (actual pictures shown above and left).

 Just to add a little more flair, I drew a contortionist practicing aerial silk twists while looking over at the admiring vocalist who's readying for the next act in the above art piece.

I had fun trying to mimic patterns of the stage and bright lights on the floor, hence the colorful circles on the floor of this drawing.

Material: Mostly colored pencil with hints of sparkly jell pen. 
Note, the original (above) isn't very well filled in because I was using pencil; to get around this, I used the smudge tool and made a few touch ups digitally. I also found that I practically only half finished the black backdrop, and got tired; only leaving a dark outline to define the characters and help them stand out from the sketchy coloring.

Overall, for being old, I think this image still holds a good amount of emotion in the faces. Almost like the contortionist and vocalist are good friends, and the vocalist is is snickering about the awkward interruption when her contortionist friend rolls down in front of her from the draping silk, and catches her off guard.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Junti Wasp Being

 In previous post Compiled Motif Art-Jungle Being I shared the base structure of this feminine alien creature based off Bionicle. After sharing this design with my family, they pitched in their opinions which gave me a better idea, and encouraged me to work on the piece further.

First I got the tip that the skirt needed to be more flared so it was defined and separate from the leg shape. Second I was told there was an interesting wasp quality to the head, which is when I became inspired to take this image a step further.

As mentioned, this creature is based off a character from my fan fiction Life of Lewa, named Venimbus. The Junti species as a whole is my own invention, and then I remembered a very interesting detail that applies to this species. When I was told the head of this art piece looks wasp like, I suddenly remembered there was a special element that some Junti in my story have; that element being called the Bug Gene. The Bug Gene is a type of gene that makes a certain character have bug like traits (such as wings and weird looking eye shapes on their masks) and the ability to communicate and control insects. When I remembered that detail, I immediately knew what adjustments I wanted to make on this piece.

I adjusted the skirt so the legs were defined, then added a set of wings to complete the theme of a wasp Junti. Then once I got the new black and white version (below) I went in and added gradient color (final picture at top). I'm now much happier with the piece, more so than I even was before; and now see it as a perfect depiction of what a female Junti with the bug gene can look like.

Compiled Motif Art- Jungle Being

 Isn't it cool? This art form is what I'm coming to call motif compilation art. It's very much like my Stamped Motorcycle image; done with the same technique of compiling sections of imagery together in order to make a new image, only this time achieved digitally using Nouveau motifs. 

This creature made of different imagery is based off Bionicle, and represents a female Junti (a jungle type species from my fan fiction Life of Lewa). She's kind of based off a character I invented, named Venimbus; but isn't exact to Venimbus, just inspired from, specifically her curves and mask design.

I love the way her structure is both curvy and plant themed, better matching the influence of plant life and tribal decor of the Junti species who live in tropical regions of the Spherus Magna planet.

Sometime I might try making a colored version of this image, but for now black and white seems classy and eye catching enough.

The above motif images are a few of the elements used in the image at top. If you look closely, you'll notice I used the motif on the left for lower arms and legs of the image; and on the right I used the center part of this motif for the head.Other motifs were obviously used, but you get the idea; I select parts of these motifs (or in other cases scrapbook stamps) and compile them together
 till I get a new image made out of these designs. 

Someday I might make an example video on how I do them (and will likely make more of these pictures for my growing art collection).

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blue Clock Tower

The Blue Clock Tower was an illustration I made for perspective practice. The year I did it I can't remember; my guess is about 2010.

On an eerie moonlit night, the clock tower that had rung for every villager, every sailor, and every man of this seaside land cast its mighty shadow upon the cold blue ground as the moon's silver rays hit its faces, and illuminated every black number so stark the time could be seen from far off.
It was beautiful all covered in light, the blue and gray hues of every element in the land melding with harmonious values of the night. And when the clock struck one, its shrill ring was like dull music being played with the percussion of crashing waves against the stoney cliff sides. A gentle breeze blew and the wind was filled with a salty scented mist; in such a moment the heart can feel both enchanted and terrified from the echo of the clock's ring, like a warning that day draws ever closer at each strike, and the magic of night will soon be gone, and all will be gold by dawn.

Materials: 12x14 mixed medium Canson paper, markers, and acrylic paint.