Sunday, February 23, 2014

Voo Doo Teddy

I think this creepy, yet cute horned teddy bear thing is partly a result of watching Scooby Doo; not getting enough sleep, and having nightmarish ideas because of it.

It started off as a simple line sketch of a mouth, then I added stitches and started thinking about a makeup tutorial thumbnail on Youtube to make yourself look like
 Salley from The Nightmare Before Christmas. From their this odd horned teddy formed.

I'm considering using this picture in the future as part of my fan fiction, Life of Lewa; and adding this horned nosed teddy into a middle series episode. The concept idea is that it's a teddy belonging to a Jusha child (Jusha are a creepy and rather evil race of people in the story), hence the tribal style arm and leg bands, stitches, horned nose, and partially ripped neck with stuffing bulging out from within. It's been a well loved teddy who has suffered some major beatings by the claws of its owner. :P

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