Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sleepy Teddy

This image, originally shared in the post Illustration Friday "Hibernate" ,was made as a back up image in case my main image for IF couldn't reach the deadline.

I thought that a little girl cuddling next to her teddy was a cute way of expressing hibernation (just not a serious take on the word; and more like a symbolic thing).

The style of this image is connected to the brief style of a few other pictures following the theme of doll like bodies and childish features (one of them being the illustration, Scarry....) This picture was in fact connected to my craze of drawing cute things during a certain period
 of time; and someday I hope to give it another try.

Mediums used: Prismacolor pencils, white pan pastel, red chalk pastel, and marker

Hope this picture makes you feel sleepy, and ready to snooze, snuggled up in fluffy comfort, and hugging something squishy-soft. ^.^

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