Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day 2014

Hello fellow bloggers; and Happy Valentine's Day! 

I feel like I've been rather inactive on my crafty art blog, so I'm sharing the above Valentine's greeting, created in Deviantart muro, made to serve as a peppy greeting for my DA journal entry Happy 2014 Valentine's Day where I shared my main Valentine art pieces as a marker of what I now have in gallery, and what's yet to come. 

A cool thing about muro is, you can watch my painting process by clicking the "Watch Redraw" button on the right side of the deviation. If you're interested, just check out
 the Happy Valentine's Day picture on my DA.

Though simple, this greeting holds a whole bunch of artistic symbolism pertaining to the common things of Valentine's Day. It's made to represent the style of swirling ribbons, aromatic scents of chocolate and perfume, pearls and dazzling jewelry; and a heart cushioned by a stylish, striped bow resembling classy elegance. Just a few things that express Valentine's Day in my imagination. ^.^

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