Sunday, February 23, 2014

BIG Trader Joes Food Journal- DIY

Getting back to you from last post TJ's Paper Bag Food Journal- Video display where I showed my newest Trader Joes food book near the end. And now, *drum roll please* the above video is to show you how I made the pages for this book! ^.^
  I did leave out how I did the cover, which is pretty basic... pretty sure anyone can figure out how to measure a cover for 12x14 pages, glue paper on them, and drill holes. 

 I find this structure to be much more stable than previous builds, and hope to get working on my page layouts for all those yummy food labels I've been saving. Once I do, I hope to make a future video and show you the full book with completed pages and foody prompts.

The great thing about books with binding rings is that you can change out your pages and rearrange; which is great for a food book that will probably be better with sections for dessert, favorite drinks, and snack foods or dinner.

Basic supplies: The basic supplies you'll need for the entire project will be paper grocery bags, a large sheet of cardboard, brown paper, binding rings (beads and ribbon optional), tacky glue and/or Modge Podge, a brayer, pencil, hole punch, ruler, and razor blade.

Have fun trying this out! ^.~

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