Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sleepy Teddy

This image, originally shared in the post Illustration Friday "Hibernate" ,was made as a back up image in case my main image for IF couldn't reach the deadline.

I thought that a little girl cuddling next to her teddy was a cute way of expressing hibernation (just not a serious take on the word; and more like a symbolic thing).

The style of this image is connected to the brief style of a few other pictures following the theme of doll like bodies and childish features (one of them being the illustration, Scarry....) This picture was in fact connected to my craze of drawing cute things during a certain period
 of time; and someday I hope to give it another try.

Mediums used: Prismacolor pencils, white pan pastel, red chalk pastel, and marker

Hope this picture makes you feel sleepy, and ready to snooze, snuggled up in fluffy comfort, and hugging something squishy-soft. ^.^

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Voo Doo Teddy

I think this creepy, yet cute horned teddy bear thing is partly a result of watching Scooby Doo; not getting enough sleep, and having nightmarish ideas because of it.

It started off as a simple line sketch of a mouth, then I added stitches and started thinking about a makeup tutorial thumbnail on Youtube to make yourself look like
 Salley from The Nightmare Before Christmas. From their this odd horned teddy formed.

I'm considering using this picture in the future as part of my fan fiction, Life of Lewa; and adding this horned nosed teddy into a middle series episode. The concept idea is that it's a teddy belonging to a Jusha child (Jusha are a creepy and rather evil race of people in the story), hence the tribal style arm and leg bands, stitches, horned nose, and partially ripped neck with stuffing bulging out from within. It's been a well loved teddy who has suffered some major beatings by the claws of its owner. :P

BIG Trader Joes Food Journal- DIY

Getting back to you from last post TJ's Paper Bag Food Journal- Video display where I showed my newest Trader Joes food book near the end. And now, *drum roll please* the above video is to show you how I made the pages for this book! ^.^
  I did leave out how I did the cover, which is pretty basic... pretty sure anyone can figure out how to measure a cover for 12x14 pages, glue paper on them, and drill holes. 

 I find this structure to be much more stable than previous builds, and hope to get working on my page layouts for all those yummy food labels I've been saving. Once I do, I hope to make a future video and show you the full book with completed pages and foody prompts.

The great thing about books with binding rings is that you can change out your pages and rearrange; which is great for a food book that will probably be better with sections for dessert, favorite drinks, and snack foods or dinner.

Basic supplies: The basic supplies you'll need for the entire project will be paper grocery bags, a large sheet of cardboard, brown paper, binding rings (beads and ribbon optional), tacky glue and/or Modge Podge, a brayer, pencil, hole punch, ruler, and razor blade.

Have fun trying this out! ^.~

Saturday, February 22, 2014

TJ's Paper Bag Food Journals-Video display

 Yeee! I'm so glad to finally get back to video making. Remeber that post Trader Joes Paper Bag Books; Where for the first time I made a craft video on how to make a mini bag book, and shared pictures of my first three mini TJ albums? Well since then I've worked on making more complex TJ paper bag albums for holding food labels and such, and felt it would be fun to show my progress through a video, displaying my books from round one minis to marvelous monstrosities.

And yes, I have a confession; I show my newest and chunkiest TJ Food journal near the end of this video, and give spoiler that you will in fact be seeing a DIY video very soon on how to make the pages of this newest album, and create your very own food journal! Doesn't that sound fun? I hope so, cause it's coming round the corner regardless, and I have no breaks. ^.^

Enjoy, and stay tuned. :D

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day 2014

Hello fellow bloggers; and Happy Valentine's Day! 

I feel like I've been rather inactive on my crafty art blog, so I'm sharing the above Valentine's greeting, created in Deviantart muro, made to serve as a peppy greeting for my DA journal entry Happy 2014 Valentine's Day where I shared my main Valentine art pieces as a marker of what I now have in gallery, and what's yet to come. 

A cool thing about muro is, you can watch my painting process by clicking the "Watch Redraw" button on the right side of the deviation. If you're interested, just check out
 the Happy Valentine's Day picture on my DA.

Though simple, this greeting holds a whole bunch of artistic symbolism pertaining to the common things of Valentine's Day. It's made to represent the style of swirling ribbons, aromatic scents of chocolate and perfume, pearls and dazzling jewelry; and a heart cushioned by a stylish, striped bow resembling classy elegance. Just a few things that express Valentine's Day in my imagination. ^.^