Friday, January 31, 2014

Wild Pink Rose-Neo Victorian fashion

"Wild Pink Rose", this design is older, and connects with a second design to form a mini two part Neo-Victorian flower themed fashion series. Someday I may add to this series, but for now just the two seem good enough. Second outfit is "Lilac Lilly".

I used selected parts of a blog backdrop from the Graphics Fairy to give interest to the background, kind of makes me think of rose paper wrapped around a soap bar for Victorian themed bathrooms.

The skirt of this outfit would be made of a cream cotton, or something matte in appearance and texture, not like satin. The ruffles on the skirt, shirt, and socks would be made of a semi translucent pink material, a bit like vale fabric used for Sari's. The shirt itself is made of a solid material, pink and either cotton or synthetic mix, like a material that has a slight sheen to it when light reflects off of it. In the middle of the skirt there would be a strip of rose decorated lace. The shoes would have to be customized, and clasp together with a front bow that has a hook and eye on either side. The shoe itself would be semi shiny. Jewelry and hair decor would be made of glass pearls, green teardrop beads, some glass rose beads, and a silk/satin rose for the hair which goes on like a clip or band.

Normal version with no backdrop (below) just to show it stand alone.

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