Monday, January 13, 2014

Tough Teal-Fashion design

 This design was an accident; I was trying to make a pink plaid outfit, and the skirt style came out wrong, so I improvised.

Perhaps some texture would have been good to add, but I wasn't in the mood to use my energy on an accident; instead I chose two flat colors and worked from there. Black and teal look great; honestly I'd wear this outfit anytime. 

Sorry if the pose is getting old, I use it because it's fast and most the clothes I design are for me. I hope to make more unique designs in the near future, compared to my recent works 
which supposedly look the same. 

My favorite part of this simple outfit are the boots. I'd love to wear lace up boots with buttons. 
The boots are in fact my name inspiration. "Tough Teal" is all that came to mind when I looked at this outfit, and it's because the boots would be something I'd wear with a black leather trench 
coat, hence the odd name.

Black and white version of outfit (left) for future color schemes. And colored outfit on blank form (right) for pure outfit display.

To me, black and teal color scheme says January, and sci-fi. :)

Design colored with Prismacolor markers on marker paper, base fashion form added digitally.

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