Friday, January 24, 2014

Time Shift-LoL based illustration

Time shift
This illustration relates to my character Pearllight, who wears an odd alien stone called the crystal of elements, which taps to her imagination and causes dreams/nightmares to become reality. 

In this scene the necklace activates to a dream she didn't intend to make true, it just happened. This scene ties in with the story chapter Life of Lewa (LoL) story "Introduction" one of my main Bionicle fan fictions. I made this picture specifically for the introduction chapter, and hope you like it.

I've really been enjoying the experimental painting process with dark and light values; and gave my hand at drawing a profile, which turned out surprisingly well compared to past tries. It helps that I kept the eyes closed in the image; something I have trouble drawing from side view.

I wanted the scene to feel hazy, like a dream; so I used soft digital brushes. My favorite part was to make the necklace float and glow, something it does when active. The glow of it expressed exactly what I see in my head; and of course I had fun adding light to the face, making
 it illuminated by the necklace.

Everything in the picture was quick and and simple; I felt some rocky silhouettes in the background would help compliment the scene which is suppose to take place on a cliff.

Also, the circular light beams radiating off the necklace are to indicate the frequency waves which the stone lets off while active. These waves are imagination shifting waves, that cause the time shift in the story. It's kind of odd and geeky, but that's what it is. Enjoy. ^.~

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