Saturday, January 18, 2014

Snow Queen-collage

Snow Queen
  Isn't this a pretty collage? I've been planning to make it since last year; yay for finally making it! :D

I found the ladies face in a newspaper ad, and I liked it for some reason. Then I got this idea to cover up her missing forehead with a crown, and wanted a backdrop that would match her eyes. Pretty soon the idea of a snow queen came to mind; there she sits in winter wonder, dreaming of the frosted world around her as she sings "Let It Snow".

Materials used: Metallic snowflake wrapping paper for the background, scrapbook paper for the name above our chilly queen, a letter stencil and embossing powder (white and translucent glitter) for extra border decor and letter color, paper doilies for the lace collar around the ladies neck, scrapbook paper for the crown; silver embossing powder, snowflake stickers, and stick on gems for crown decoration; and of course the flier image of a lady which started it all.
I used both tacky glue and mod podge. Mod Podge was good for putting down the paper doilies, but I found tacky glue is a better choice for gluing down two types of shiny paper onto each other. The crown only stuck to the wrapping paper with tacky.

I'll also note this image is so much prettier in life. Sadly the scanner doesn't pick up on the sparkly parts of the image, and I had to digitally outline my letters in order for them to be seen.

It's still pretty though..let it snow let it snow (wish we had some here) :P

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