Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow Fairy Doll

 Back around 2011 I constructed this fun snow fairy doll. My inspiration came from an idea for a posable Christmas ornament, specifically ones of fairies and ballerinas.

My main inspiration for creating unique dolls of my own, came about because of a book made by
Salley Mavor on how to make fairy dolls out of simple materials. You can see Salley's work on her website Wee Folk Studio.

To make this snow fairy, I simply tweaked body height, and gave her super long legs. Then I wrapped her limbs with embroidery floss as the book shows how to do. But when it came to the upper body and wings, I took a different approach; instead of using a painted wood bead for a head, I hand sculpted and painted a head, then included a neck and shoulders. For blush I used a light pink art chalk, and the rest of her features were done with acrylic paint.

For her outfit I took synthetic flowers and layered them together as a skirt, then designed my own bodice on paper, traced it onto felt, and cut it out. I then sewed petals around the arm holes to make a set of sleeves.
The hardest part to the bodice was the embroidery; I designed a snowflake pattern for her bodice decoration, then carefully sewed the design on with metallic blue thread.
The sewing process was difficult because the metallic thread is quite fragile, and kept breaking on me. I then added final touches to her bodice with small blue seed beads.

For her hair, I used embroidery thread. I combined both ice blue and metallic thread strands together for a sparkly, highlighted head of hair. The strands were then carefully glued to her head, and styled as desired. I decided a wrapped bun with flowing front bangs would be fun. To make the bun, I simply twisted the thread and curled it into a bun shape, gluing as I wrapped.

For her wings I designed a favored shape on paper first, then traced that design onto packaging plastic. I then used black and blue sharpy to draw veins and colorful designs onto her translucent wings. The final step was to cut them out, and poke a few holes in the edge I left for sewing onto her bodice. After the wings were sewn to her bodice, I sewed the bodice to her. In the Wee Folk book, the wings are normally made of flower petals, but I feel plastic packaging makes more delicate looking wings.

Finally, I waited for a snowy day, and took a picture of my completed fairy. 

larger images of her below.

Though she looks kind of crazy, I love her. Isn't she pretty? :D

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