Thursday, January 23, 2014

RP Example Comics

Phone Call RP
 Recently I wrote an article about the four different kinds of role play I've done in my life; something you could consider a +5 on the geek meter (according to a friend).

These images were quick sketches I made for the All 4 Role Play article on my Deviant Art.
 There are a few images in the article which aren't included here. 

Overall, my favorite black and white sketch is the "Phone Call RP" in the image above (representing me and a friend-me on the left, and friend on the right in above and below images for vocal RP). I made it as part of the Vocal RP section in my article, and love how it turned out. I was very quick and simple with my line work, reminded myself it was for fun, not meant to be perfect. 
I stuck with using only black and white for all my images, because I wanted to work quickly, not spend extra time searching for the proper colors. So I settled on painting with values, and keeping the black brush transparent so I could make different levels of gray and black color, a fun way to get the feel for lighting and shading.
Video Chat RP
 The "Video Chat RP" image was the first sketch I made for my article. I was really relaxed about this one, just slapped on lines and text, used some shapes from Photoshop, and in no time I had a sketch resembling video conversation in a chat window. I even went to the extra step of making a little smiley face to represent the icon symbol.
Text Chat RP
 Last sketch was this basic Chat window image made to represent text RP. It was quite easy, yet seems to hold it's own charm.

In all of these images I used a black frame in Photoshop, balloon and comic sans fonts, a few speech bubbles, and some sketching. My favorite part about them is of course the expressions; hope to practice and make more art like this in the near future. Till then, feel free to read the 
article and enjoy the sketches. ^.~

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