Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mod Podge Medallion

I made this medallion last month; isn't it neat?

I had to go through several experiments, and faced some challenges, also discovered some
dos and do nots.

These medallions are called Matoran Translation medallions. I made them after the idea of pen paling with a friend. I figured, you don't want anyone being able to just pick up personal letters you sent to a friend and start reading them; being nosy. The solution, make a translation medallion for you and your friend, containing a coded alphabet and the real alphabet; then have fun writing letters in code, which you and your friend can translate with the medallion. This way anyone who doesn't know the coded alphabet or have the medallion, can't just start reading your letters.

I chose the Matoran alphabet code, a geeky choice. This is the alphabet system to the Bionicle series, and I think it looks cool.

This medallion consists of simple supplies, all of them listed in the video below. Have fun making your own and sharing them. ^.~

The techniques in this video can apply to any kind of medallion made with the same materials; and you can choose anything you'd like for your medallion face/faces.

Here are some tips I learned while making these: 
 Be careful with the mod podge dimensional magic, it can bubble, resulting in a fish tank look. 
 Be patient, don't use a heat gun on dimensional magic, it forms a skin over top, which if touched will wrinkle and rip's a mess.
Make sure your work surface is entirely flat, and for faster drying time be sure your environment is warm.

 I've also provided the printable sheet for the medallion faces (below.)

If you'd like to see how I made these medallion faces, just check
 out the Matoran Translation Charts post.

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