Friday, January 31, 2014

Lilac Lilly- Neo Victorian fashion

This Neo-Victorian fashion design is based off a ruffled shirt design I made before it. Its sister Wild Pink Rose is very similar in style, but I favor Lilac Lilly over the pink.

I used a textured digital background and changed its color, then made it into a mat and framed it with a matching border. This seemed to make it kind of like an advertisement on packaging for perfume or cookies...or something like that.

Material: The skirt would be gathered and made of a light weight cream cotton, hand painted with batiking on the bottom edge. Black beads would be sewn to the centers of each design. The bodice would be made of a slightly shiny, solid purple material; and the ruffles would be silky translucent, sari vale material. The socks would be batiked or knitted with matching purple flowers that look like the flower on the necklace, and would have silky sheer ruffles sewn to the top. The shoes would have decorative ruffles, are made of synthetic leather, and would have white decorative stitching on the tops. The necklace, earrings, and buttons are black and purple glass, and the necklace has a delicate flower centerpiece. Lastly, the hair comb would be wood or black plastic, and is a fan shape with wings.

Base design without backdrop (below)

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