Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ice Cave

"Ice Cave", a digital art piece dating back to about 2007/8, was based off a fantasy day dream if I remember clearly. I dreamed of a girl floating in the middle of a magical ice cave, her body and clothes weightless beneath a strange concentrated beam of light.

I have no clue behind why I made the picture; somehow I have a feeling it was inspired off the scene of the floating woman from the movie, Atlantis.

I have some ideas that this picture may work for. In fact, it inspires me still, and it could possibly apply to one of many story concepts I have.
It could work well in a fan fiction story called "Pearllight Origins", a Bionicle based story that shows how my character came to be.... *clears throat* geek moment. And I might just make an episode that matches the picture; could be Pearllight is out of her suit, and floating in some kind of elemental anti gravity beam that naturally exists in a large ice cavern considered to be sacred grounds in the Ko-Koro region.... o_o If that doesn't sound geeky..well.. I can't help it. :P

The original image (below) seemed rather hard to see.
How I improved it: First I tweaked the levels, that helped a great deal in bringing depth to the image, and increasing the intensity of all the different blue shades. Then I added some shading to bring out the girl's dress, and used the dodge tool to add glow on the ice walls and light beam. All these tweaks seemed to do the trick in bringing out the beauty of the image.
Originally constructed in Open Canvase, later improved in Photoshop Elements.

Phew.... and the news is I've now crossed off the final winter themed piece from my old digital art files. Aint that a fun surprise!

Happy New Years Day everybody! :D

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