Thursday, January 30, 2014

Celtic Heart Kilt-fashion

"Celtic Heart Kilt", kind of idea that crosses with both Valentines Day and the following month of march with St. Patric's Day.

An idea for a girly kilt of pink came after I saw a man comedically dancing in a pink tutu online. This made me reflect on men in kilts, and I thought of how awkward it would be if a Scotsman's wife made him a kilt out of the only material she had, pink plaid. I then thoughts of the socks, which would have heart designs on the sides, and heart tassels at the top. I could just imagine the poor mans hairy legs bulging out of these feminine socks, and all the men around him laugh at his well made, but not so masculine kilt.

This in turn led to the idea of making the outfit from my day dream, only this time fit for a girl, as it should be.  My first try didn't turn out correctly, and I ended up with the outfit Tough Teal-Fashion design . Second try I managed to make a better looking kilt, added a Celtic heart weight on the front, and after a little work, got my final Celtic Heart outfit.

Materials used: marker paper, Prismacolor markers, and micron pens.

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