Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blue Rivet -outfit

Last night I wanted to sit down and test my abilities at making a fashion design with quick lines and flowing movements. As I mentioned in previous post for the "Tough Teal" design, I hope to practice at making more unique designs, with extra flare and different poses.

I don't know why I named it Blue Rivet, but the sound of it seemed cool.

This was all an experiment with texture, where I selected a favored spot from a celestial desktop background, made it into a texture, set it to impressionistic; and painted with it to create an odd, yet interesting skirt design with matching top. Then I used a smudge tool to make it more interesting.

The most freeing part was drawing quick, simplistic lines to form a partial figure for the outfit. Though her arm isn't drawn on the one side, I'm satisfied with how her face and hair came out; and the general idea was to display the outfit on a simple form, so..success. :)

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