Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Comic On Muse

Back in December I made this comic on muse, to express what muse is like in my head. Making a comic seemed to be the best way of explaining it.

Each little circle represents a few of my favorite hobbies, and they all have a voice that constantly begs for attention. So, I explain what muse is like for me in this silly four panel comic.

There are a few things I forgot to add in the comic; like the fact that in some cases I'll do part of one project, pay attention to a more important one, then get back to the one I started.

When it comes to seasonal things like holidays, my main goal is to cross off projects pertaining to that month; and set them as my main goal for sharing first online, before the season is out. 

For example, all projects that pertain to Christmas become my main priority during the month of December, and anything non seasonal becomes a secondary option. Once all seasonal things are off the list, I direct my attention back to regular, non seasonal projects.

This method also applies to perishable projects like pumpkin carving and Ukrainian eggs. Anything that rots after a certain point is put to the top of the list, since it has a short shelf life and
 requires more immediate attention.

Just thought it would be fun to explain how muse is for me; enjoy the comic. ^.~

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