Friday, January 31, 2014

Lilac Lilly- Neo Victorian fashion

This Neo-Victorian fashion design is based off a ruffled shirt design I made before it. Its sister Wild Pink Rose is very similar in style, but I favor Lilac Lilly over the pink.

I used a textured digital background and changed its color, then made it into a mat and framed it with a matching border. This seemed to make it kind of like an advertisement on packaging for perfume or cookies...or something like that.

Material: The skirt would be gathered and made of a light weight cream cotton, hand painted with batiking on the bottom edge. Black beads would be sewn to the centers of each design. The bodice would be made of a slightly shiny, solid purple material; and the ruffles would be silky translucent, sari vale material. The socks would be batiked or knitted with matching purple flowers that look like the flower on the necklace, and would have silky sheer ruffles sewn to the top. The shoes would have decorative ruffles, are made of synthetic leather, and would have white decorative stitching on the tops. The necklace, earrings, and buttons are black and purple glass, and the necklace has a delicate flower centerpiece. Lastly, the hair comb would be wood or black plastic, and is a fan shape with wings.

Base design without backdrop (below)

Wild Pink Rose-Neo Victorian fashion

"Wild Pink Rose", this design is older, and connects with a second design to form a mini two part Neo-Victorian flower themed fashion series. Someday I may add to this series, but for now just the two seem good enough. Second outfit is "Lilac Lilly".

I used selected parts of a blog backdrop from the Graphics Fairy to give interest to the background, kind of makes me think of rose paper wrapped around a soap bar for Victorian themed bathrooms.

The skirt of this outfit would be made of a cream cotton, or something matte in appearance and texture, not like satin. The ruffles on the skirt, shirt, and socks would be made of a semi translucent pink material, a bit like vale fabric used for Sari's. The shirt itself is made of a solid material, pink and either cotton or synthetic mix, like a material that has a slight sheen to it when light reflects off of it. In the middle of the skirt there would be a strip of rose decorated lace. The shoes would have to be customized, and clasp together with a front bow that has a hook and eye on either side. The shoe itself would be semi shiny. Jewelry and hair decor would be made of glass pearls, green teardrop beads, some glass rose beads, and a silk/satin rose for the hair which goes on like a clip or band.

Normal version with no backdrop (below) just to show it stand alone.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Celtic Heart Kilt-fashion

"Celtic Heart Kilt", kind of idea that crosses with both Valentines Day and the following month of march with St. Patric's Day.

An idea for a girly kilt of pink came after I saw a man comedically dancing in a pink tutu online. This made me reflect on men in kilts, and I thought of how awkward it would be if a Scotsman's wife made him a kilt out of the only material she had, pink plaid. I then thoughts of the socks, which would have heart designs on the sides, and heart tassels at the top. I could just imagine the poor mans hairy legs bulging out of these feminine socks, and all the men around him laugh at his well made, but not so masculine kilt.

This in turn led to the idea of making the outfit from my day dream, only this time fit for a girl, as it should be.  My first try didn't turn out correctly, and I ended up with the outfit Tough Teal-Fashion design . Second try I managed to make a better looking kilt, added a Celtic heart weight on the front, and after a little work, got my final Celtic Heart outfit.

Materials used: marker paper, Prismacolor markers, and micron pens.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Time Shift-LoL based illustration

Time shift
This illustration relates to my character Pearllight, who wears an odd alien stone called the crystal of elements, which taps to her imagination and causes dreams/nightmares to become reality. 

In this scene the necklace activates to a dream she didn't intend to make true, it just happened. This scene ties in with the story chapter Life of Lewa (LoL) story "Introduction" one of my main Bionicle fan fictions. I made this picture specifically for the introduction chapter, and hope you like it.

I've really been enjoying the experimental painting process with dark and light values; and gave my hand at drawing a profile, which turned out surprisingly well compared to past tries. It helps that I kept the eyes closed in the image; something I have trouble drawing from side view.

I wanted the scene to feel hazy, like a dream; so I used soft digital brushes. My favorite part was to make the necklace float and glow, something it does when active. The glow of it expressed exactly what I see in my head; and of course I had fun adding light to the face, making
 it illuminated by the necklace.

Everything in the picture was quick and and simple; I felt some rocky silhouettes in the background would help compliment the scene which is suppose to take place on a cliff.

Also, the circular light beams radiating off the necklace are to indicate the frequency waves which the stone lets off while active. These waves are imagination shifting waves, that cause the time shift in the story. It's kind of odd and geeky, but that's what it is. Enjoy. ^.~

Thursday, January 23, 2014

RP Example Comics

Phone Call RP
 Recently I wrote an article about the four different kinds of role play I've done in my life; something you could consider a +5 on the geek meter (according to a friend).

These images were quick sketches I made for the All 4 Role Play article on my Deviant Art.
 There are a few images in the article which aren't included here. 

Overall, my favorite black and white sketch is the "Phone Call RP" in the image above (representing me and a friend-me on the left, and friend on the right in above and below images for vocal RP). I made it as part of the Vocal RP section in my article, and love how it turned out. I was very quick and simple with my line work, reminded myself it was for fun, not meant to be perfect. 
I stuck with using only black and white for all my images, because I wanted to work quickly, not spend extra time searching for the proper colors. So I settled on painting with values, and keeping the black brush transparent so I could make different levels of gray and black color, a fun way to get the feel for lighting and shading.
Video Chat RP
 The "Video Chat RP" image was the first sketch I made for my article. I was really relaxed about this one, just slapped on lines and text, used some shapes from Photoshop, and in no time I had a sketch resembling video conversation in a chat window. I even went to the extra step of making a little smiley face to represent the icon symbol.
Text Chat RP
 Last sketch was this basic Chat window image made to represent text RP. It was quite easy, yet seems to hold it's own charm.

In all of these images I used a black frame in Photoshop, balloon and comic sans fonts, a few speech bubbles, and some sketching. My favorite part about them is of course the expressions; hope to practice and make more art like this in the near future. Till then, feel free to read the 
article and enjoy the sketches. ^.~

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Snow Queen-collage

Snow Queen
  Isn't this a pretty collage? I've been planning to make it since last year; yay for finally making it! :D

I found the ladies face in a newspaper ad, and I liked it for some reason. Then I got this idea to cover up her missing forehead with a crown, and wanted a backdrop that would match her eyes. Pretty soon the idea of a snow queen came to mind; there she sits in winter wonder, dreaming of the frosted world around her as she sings "Let It Snow".

Materials used: Metallic snowflake wrapping paper for the background, scrapbook paper for the name above our chilly queen, a letter stencil and embossing powder (white and translucent glitter) for extra border decor and letter color, paper doilies for the lace collar around the ladies neck, scrapbook paper for the crown; silver embossing powder, snowflake stickers, and stick on gems for crown decoration; and of course the flier image of a lady which started it all.
I used both tacky glue and mod podge. Mod Podge was good for putting down the paper doilies, but I found tacky glue is a better choice for gluing down two types of shiny paper onto each other. The crown only stuck to the wrapping paper with tacky.

I'll also note this image is so much prettier in life. Sadly the scanner doesn't pick up on the sparkly parts of the image, and I had to digitally outline my letters in order for them to be seen.

It's still pretty though..let it snow let it snow (wish we had some here) :P

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Neon Forest- gown

This texture fashion design thing is so relaxing. Like Blue Rivet-outfit I used selected parts of a desktop image I enjoy, made them into textures, and painted with them to create a quick 
and easy fashion design.

The material choice for a costume like this would be silky on some parts, and sheer for the front butterfly tails. This design is more of an artistic example for an actual design; the real thing would look just a bit different, I'm sure.

For future reference, I may use this design to create a gown for a common theme, the green fairy. That future idea will no doubt be heavily based off the front butterfly tails of this
Neon Forest costume.

The only thing that didn't come out quite as appealing, is the fashion form. I could only think of a little girl who would properly fit the small, flat bodice form in this particular drawing of the gown. No matter I guess; she's still cute.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mod Podge Medallion

I made this medallion last month; isn't it neat?

I had to go through several experiments, and faced some challenges, also discovered some
dos and do nots.

These medallions are called Matoran Translation medallions. I made them after the idea of pen paling with a friend. I figured, you don't want anyone being able to just pick up personal letters you sent to a friend and start reading them; being nosy. The solution, make a translation medallion for you and your friend, containing a coded alphabet and the real alphabet; then have fun writing letters in code, which you and your friend can translate with the medallion. This way anyone who doesn't know the coded alphabet or have the medallion, can't just start reading your letters.

I chose the Matoran alphabet code, a geeky choice. This is the alphabet system to the Bionicle series, and I think it looks cool.

This medallion consists of simple supplies, all of them listed in the video below. Have fun making your own and sharing them. ^.~

The techniques in this video can apply to any kind of medallion made with the same materials; and you can choose anything you'd like for your medallion face/faces.

Here are some tips I learned while making these: 
 Be careful with the mod podge dimensional magic, it can bubble, resulting in a fish tank look. 
 Be patient, don't use a heat gun on dimensional magic, it forms a skin over top, which if touched will wrinkle and rip's a mess.
Make sure your work surface is entirely flat, and for faster drying time be sure your environment is warm.

 I've also provided the printable sheet for the medallion faces (below.)

If you'd like to see how I made these medallion faces, just check
 out the Matoran Translation Charts post.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blue Rivet -outfit

Last night I wanted to sit down and test my abilities at making a fashion design with quick lines and flowing movements. As I mentioned in previous post for the "Tough Teal" design, I hope to practice at making more unique designs, with extra flare and different poses.

I don't know why I named it Blue Rivet, but the sound of it seemed cool.

This was all an experiment with texture, where I selected a favored spot from a celestial desktop background, made it into a texture, set it to impressionistic; and painted with it to create an odd, yet interesting skirt design with matching top. Then I used a smudge tool to make it more interesting.

The most freeing part was drawing quick, simplistic lines to form a partial figure for the outfit. Though her arm isn't drawn on the one side, I'm satisfied with how her face and hair came out; and the general idea was to display the outfit on a simple form, so..success. :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Tough Teal-Fashion design

 This design was an accident; I was trying to make a pink plaid outfit, and the skirt style came out wrong, so I improvised.

Perhaps some texture would have been good to add, but I wasn't in the mood to use my energy on an accident; instead I chose two flat colors and worked from there. Black and teal look great; honestly I'd wear this outfit anytime. 

Sorry if the pose is getting old, I use it because it's fast and most the clothes I design are for me. I hope to make more unique designs in the near future, compared to my recent works 
which supposedly look the same. 

My favorite part of this simple outfit are the boots. I'd love to wear lace up boots with buttons. 
The boots are in fact my name inspiration. "Tough Teal" is all that came to mind when I looked at this outfit, and it's because the boots would be something I'd wear with a black leather trench 
coat, hence the odd name.

Black and white version of outfit (left) for future color schemes. And colored outfit on blank form (right) for pure outfit display.

To me, black and teal color scheme says January, and sci-fi. :)

Design colored with Prismacolor markers on marker paper, base fashion form added digitally.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Comic On Muse

Back in December I made this comic on muse, to express what muse is like in my head. Making a comic seemed to be the best way of explaining it.

Each little circle represents a few of my favorite hobbies, and they all have a voice that constantly begs for attention. So, I explain what muse is like for me in this silly four panel comic.

There are a few things I forgot to add in the comic; like the fact that in some cases I'll do part of one project, pay attention to a more important one, then get back to the one I started.

When it comes to seasonal things like holidays, my main goal is to cross off projects pertaining to that month; and set them as my main goal for sharing first online, before the season is out. 

For example, all projects that pertain to Christmas become my main priority during the month of December, and anything non seasonal becomes a secondary option. Once all seasonal things are off the list, I direct my attention back to regular, non seasonal projects.

This method also applies to perishable projects like pumpkin carving and Ukrainian eggs. Anything that rots after a certain point is put to the top of the list, since it has a short shelf life and
 requires more immediate attention.

Just thought it would be fun to explain how muse is for me; enjoy the comic. ^.~

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow Fairy Doll

 Back around 2011 I constructed this fun snow fairy doll. My inspiration came from an idea for a posable Christmas ornament, specifically ones of fairies and ballerinas.

My main inspiration for creating unique dolls of my own, came about because of a book made by
Salley Mavor on how to make fairy dolls out of simple materials. You can see Salley's work on her website Wee Folk Studio.

To make this snow fairy, I simply tweaked body height, and gave her super long legs. Then I wrapped her limbs with embroidery floss as the book shows how to do. But when it came to the upper body and wings, I took a different approach; instead of using a painted wood bead for a head, I hand sculpted and painted a head, then included a neck and shoulders. For blush I used a light pink art chalk, and the rest of her features were done with acrylic paint.

For her outfit I took synthetic flowers and layered them together as a skirt, then designed my own bodice on paper, traced it onto felt, and cut it out. I then sewed petals around the arm holes to make a set of sleeves.
The hardest part to the bodice was the embroidery; I designed a snowflake pattern for her bodice decoration, then carefully sewed the design on with metallic blue thread.
The sewing process was difficult because the metallic thread is quite fragile, and kept breaking on me. I then added final touches to her bodice with small blue seed beads.

For her hair, I used embroidery thread. I combined both ice blue and metallic thread strands together for a sparkly, highlighted head of hair. The strands were then carefully glued to her head, and styled as desired. I decided a wrapped bun with flowing front bangs would be fun. To make the bun, I simply twisted the thread and curled it into a bun shape, gluing as I wrapped.

For her wings I designed a favored shape on paper first, then traced that design onto packaging plastic. I then used black and blue sharpy to draw veins and colorful designs onto her translucent wings. The final step was to cut them out, and poke a few holes in the edge I left for sewing onto her bodice. After the wings were sewn to her bodice, I sewed the bodice to her. In the Wee Folk book, the wings are normally made of flower petals, but I feel plastic packaging makes more delicate looking wings.

Finally, I waited for a snowy day, and took a picture of my completed fairy. 

larger images of her below.

Though she looks kind of crazy, I love her. Isn't she pretty? :D

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ice Cave

"Ice Cave", a digital art piece dating back to about 2007/8, was based off a fantasy day dream if I remember clearly. I dreamed of a girl floating in the middle of a magical ice cave, her body and clothes weightless beneath a strange concentrated beam of light.

I have no clue behind why I made the picture; somehow I have a feeling it was inspired off the scene of the floating woman from the movie, Atlantis.

I have some ideas that this picture may work for. In fact, it inspires me still, and it could possibly apply to one of many story concepts I have.
It could work well in a fan fiction story called "Pearllight Origins", a Bionicle based story that shows how my character came to be.... *clears throat* geek moment. And I might just make an episode that matches the picture; could be Pearllight is out of her suit, and floating in some kind of elemental anti gravity beam that naturally exists in a large ice cavern considered to be sacred grounds in the Ko-Koro region.... o_o If that doesn't sound geeky..well.. I can't help it. :P

The original image (below) seemed rather hard to see.
How I improved it: First I tweaked the levels, that helped a great deal in bringing depth to the image, and increasing the intensity of all the different blue shades. Then I added some shading to bring out the girl's dress, and used the dodge tool to add glow on the ice walls and light beam. All these tweaks seemed to do the trick in bringing out the beauty of the image.
Originally constructed in Open Canvase, later improved in Photoshop Elements.

Phew.... and the news is I've now crossed off the final winter themed piece from my old digital art files. Aint that a fun surprise!

Happy New Years Day everybody! :D