Sunday, December 15, 2013

Winter Rose Gown-fashion

Winter Rose Gown
  This fashion design dates back to 2009 from, yet again, one of my favorite sketch books.
I designed this outfit off of a day dream where my character Pearllight was walking through the snow in a beautiful gown of white, with red rose accents. She wore the gown to stay warm, and the roses were red so she could be spotted on the winter landscape, and not be lost in a flurry or storm.

The day dream is of geeky origin; I drew the character as if she were speaking to someone. In the day dream she was in fact traveling through the snowy lands of Ko-Koro, the ice region of my favorite series, Bionicle. During this time she sang and danced, but was interrupted by Kopaka, the Toa of ice. He wished to know why she was wandering alone in the cold, and she simply stated she was needing some time to herself.

In the day dream the dress design was blurry, and not quite the same as I drew it. Originally the designs was purely white and red, no green. There was also no beading on the costume; I just felt it needed some extra details. In the end it looked like a dress fit for Christmas, so I placed it on a snowy backdrop and added a red rose on each corner.

Original, plain version with color adjustment (left).

Mediums used: Colored pencil, watercolor pencil, sparkly jell pens.

 There are a few things off about the picture, but that's ok, it's old. The beading I made on the outfit was colored with sparkly red and green jell pen; unfortunately the luster of those sparkles weren't picked up by the scanner. To make this better, I added sparkles digitally, just a hint here and there to indicate where sparkles are suppose to be.

After additional adjustments, I added my design to a background and got a picture which could be made into a post card. 

Interesting what day dreams can lead to huh? 

More fashion for Christmas coming your way, so stay tuned. ^.~

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