Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ukrainian Christmas Eggs.

I assembled this instruction sheet above to show how Ukrainian eggs are made. This was necessary to display as an example alongside our ornamental eggs we recently gave to a fun place yesterday called Plantiques ,with hopes of having a few sold.  
I have my doubts, but when people see them they are quite gravitated by each egg's unique beauty. The store does unfortunately take 30% of the profit off each item; which means the price on each egg has been put for nearly 20 dollars or so, meaning we get about $15 for each egg sold. 

Depending on the  complexity of each egg, it can take up to five hours just to make one; so really, even for twenty something, each ornament is undercharged for the amount of time they take to craft. None the less, this is a start in trying to gain a little pocket money so we can continue doing what we enjoy; fingers are crossed on how well this will go.

The image above displays some of the eggs the family has done. The one displayed on the far right is one of the eggs being sold at Plantiques.

Curious to know what these eggs are? No, they aren't painted, but are in fact dyed. Here's a Wiki page on Ukrainian (Pysanky) eggs for you to know how they're made and where they originated. They're usually made for Easter, but we make them for Christmas, as ornaments.

Each egg we've made is hung by a coiled hook on a tree.  Above right image is what they look like; and left image shows how they hang on the tree branch.

One other thing I did was make an ornamental sign for the eggs (below).
I assembled the sign with pretty font and an already existing frame in Photoshop. Yes, I'm lazy in some ways, but it looks just fine. It was then printed out onto some glossy, metallic white paper for added prettiness, then was given a gold wire hanger so it could be hung from a tree with the eggs dangling below it.

Pictures of tree taken Dec. 14, 2013
 Above and left are pictures of the sign and little tree at Plantiques, holding our eggs. Cute, I think, and the sign worked like a charm.^.^ 
You can see the metallic gold in the paper used for the sign; price tag was added by the 
store owner of course.

  Even more fun news is that we have a custom order for a rooster, which will be a gift when finished.

Hope you enjoyed looking at this fun craft. Stay tuned for more fun projects coming soon. ^.~

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