Monday, December 16, 2013

Sweet Holly Christmas dress

This Christmas themed outfit, made to look like an elfish sort of costume, is inspired off of a digital doll I made on a website (see bottom of post for those pics). "Sweet Holly" is what I call this design, serving as name for a character, and because the straps of the dress are holly leaves. The outfits color scheme is meant to represent the holly theme, hence the green and red. 

This is a definite costume I'd wear for a Christmas party; I might even add some bells on the shoes.

The images above (left) is the full colored version without body color and face; (right) is the outline of the drawing just for the sake of having and applying different color schemes to.

Mediums use: Marker paper, Prismacolor marker, jell pen, and micron pens for outline.

I colored most the outfit with marker, the skin and face were digital, and I used jell pen for accents like the red polka dots on the skirt. If you look close you'll see I also added sparkly red dots here and there to add some interest on the skirt.

To add life to my fashion design, I placed it over my digitally colored fashion form, and added tweaks where necessary. This resulted in the final design at the top of this post.

These two image (left and right) are the inspiration for this costume. Like other projects I've done by this method, I took a doll design, then applied it to an actual form with my own style. Both dolls are the same in the above images, I just displayed both to show the two different backgrounds I chose.

Normally I backdrop my fashion designs, but that will be for a later time; and I'll likely make a post with specialty fashion postcards for the season. 

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