Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sugar Plum Princess

I remember way back when I didn't know how to draw hands and such, but still enjoyed myself in making art on a simple paint program. I chose basic colors and used the bucket tool for nearly everything. And yet, even in its simplicity I find there's something oddly fun about kid art.

"Sugar Plum Princess" was for a fact based off the Nutcracker Barbie doll. Back in the day I was a big fan of the Nutcracker Barbie movie, and I made art inspired off of it. 

I fondly remember showing this picture to my mom, feeling surprised and happy that I made something which for once looked pretty good in my eyes. No doubt the piece took more work to make when I was a younger artist, than it would take for me to make it now; but that's the beauty of it, I was happy because I pulled off something challenging for my abilities at the time.

The art piece was of course in flat colors, as all my older works are; original version (left).

estimated year of creation- My guess is about  2005/6. 

I used the same tweaks for this piece as any other. Added some shading and lighting, extra snowflakes, and sparkles. I'll admit the sparkles are pretty heavy, but I love sparkles, and this is after all a magical 
candy coated land of sugar crystals and snow.

More old work coming soon. ^.~

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