Thursday, December 26, 2013

Seal A Wish

I don't know why, but I really like the way this old illustration turned out after tweaks were made.

The original (below) I do believe started as a scribbler image, in other words came about from squiggling on the screen. At first when looking back at this image, I thought it was a polar bear; but then I realized it didn't have any ears, so it couldn't be that. 

I then noticed the gray spots, and knew it was in fact an odd pointy faced seal. 

I decided I needed to add some extra character to the old image, dating back to about 2005/6. First I fixed up the background, darkened the shy, added stars, shading, and some glow to the icebergs and water; then felt the seal itself needed more spots and speckles. In the end I liked the improvements, and love how cute the seal turned out.

A story to match. On a freezing night in the arctic, all the stars shined clearly for every creature to see. A lone white seal stops and points its nose at the sky, staring at the biggest star. No telling what the seal wished for (no doubt a really big fish), but that's part of making a wish, others can't know it, or else it won't come true. ^.^

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