Thursday, December 19, 2013

Peppermint Princess Palace

I almost forgot I had an illustration called "Peppermint Princess", but I changed it to "Peppermint Princess Palace" since this squiggly lady is standing outside a doorway. 

Again, this festive, minty image was a definite inspiration off a scene from the Nutcracker. I always liked the name "Peppermint Princess" ; kind of rings and has a warm sound to it.

Obviously I was quite young when making this; the woman's head is rather odd looking, kind of smooshed and confined, like she had to literally squeeze her poor head into the hood of the suit.

Judging by the style of her costume, I was probably basing it off the peppermint kelly doll from the Barbie Nutcracker series; but changed the style of the suit to reflect more of a cirque-esque style. 
In fact, the suit looks like it would be made of stretchy knit with metallic pinks stripes and sparkles. 

Can you imagine how interesting the Nutcracker theme would be if applied to Cirque Du Soleil? *sparkly eyes and dream face* I can see the Peppermint Princess becoming a contortionist... hence the costume design; though, contortion would better resemble taffy. XD lol. 
Original image (left). Adjustments made to this piece helped bring out the candy theme better. First I added shading, and gave the figure a shadow. Then I added lighting and reflection, to make the walls and candy canes appear shiny like hard candy tends to be. Last I added sparkles to the snow and everything else. This helped make it magical looking. :P

Estimated year of creation- My guess is about 2005/6.

In day dream, I think that this is a doorway leading to the outdoors of the Peppermint Princess's palace. 

Judging by her expression she sees someone nearing. Who it is she can't quite tell (no doubt it's Clara). And from there the story continues.

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