Monday, December 16, 2013

Peppermint Princess Costume

This "Peppermint Princess" ballet costume design is based off yet another digital doll design I , which you can view at the bottom of this post.

I think designing costumes based on sweets and foods is a fun game. This particular theme is of course more of a Christmas thing, and is kind of an inspiration based off the Nutcracker.
(Left) is colored outfit with plain white form. (Right) is the outline for extra color experimentation.

Mediums used: Marker paper, Prismacolor markers, jell pen, and micron pens, and digital fashion form/tweaks.
The image (left) is the doll form I based this costume off of.

Each doll represents the same character, Pearllight; and each design made which is based off these dolls will look similar, because I'm trying to make the costume look similar to the doll, hence the same corset style each time.

I did tweak a few things on the costume for the actual fashion form. Like adding pink to some parts of the sleeves, making the red straps into striped candy cane hooks, added white to the earrings, and puts sparkly dots all over the skirt and a little bit on the sleeves.

I've been told lots of my designs look very similar to each other, but it's not because I can't design different things, it's because what I'm designing for the moment is mostly based off these digital dolls I've come to enjoy.

The Peppermint Princess costume is a "sweet" costume, which will eventually be given a backdrop and turned into a fashion postcard as I plan to do with all my doll based fashion designs. If you like this, see also Sweet Holly Christmas Dress for more Christmas fashion fun. ^.~

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