Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Penguin Christmas

Penguin Christmas
I'm at it again this year, going through old art files and applying gained experience to make them look better than their predecessors. I spoke of this concept back on the Old Art-Snow Fairies post.

In the above image a silly mother penguin shows her little boy penguin how to hang an ornament on a tree. He happily holds up his ornament and copies his mother; joyfully participating in the decorating of their igloo home for the holidays. His mother encouragingly pats her sons head in approval of his fast learning.

Can you spot a little fishy ornament on the tree? It's the only ornament of its kind. ^.^

 The original image (left) dates back pretty far, my guess is about 2007/8. 

The improvements: I added shading and lighting to the tree, ice blocks, and penguins. I also filled in messy, blotched areas with extra paint to make the image smooth. Then I applied details like snow flakes and sparkles to the tree and its skirt.

And just like that, I made an old picture new; and can now feel satisfied that it can serve well as a Christmas card.

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