Friday, December 6, 2013

Pearllight Under Suits-fashion

 As I've explained, my icon character's name is Pearllight. Just today I posted two new pictures of her suit drawn over my fashion form. These Proportionate Pearllight Suits were, however, just the first step. I've had multiple day dreams of what her under suit would look like, and the images above are what came to mind for this concept. 

On the left is Pearllight's "Beach Day Suit". This was my first concept drawn, based off a day dream of my character walking along the beach during an off day when all seemed safe not to wear her armor. The added skirt tuft was part of the day dream, I thought she could use some extra girlishness, and it seemed to add a rather interesting flair.

On the right is Pearllight's "Pilot Suit". I call it her pilot suit, because I feel that's what she most commonly wears under her armor. Note it's designed to cover all of her skin, to protect her while she's in armor. I've been told this design has a Tron like theme to it; stands to reason, being that I made the suit to look technological.

Both the suits would be made of a highly flexible, and very durable material, a bit like knit. The suits stretch over the form, and zip up the front.
Note the color scheme of these suits are made to match Pearllight's outer armor. Teal blue and white are her main color schemes. Both suits can be worn safely beneath the armor, and cause absolutely no hindrance of armor movement or flexibility.

The faces and skin color were added digitally. I felt it helped the suits stand out better. And in personal opinion, the hair style and face on the pilot suit reminds me of Princess Leah from Star Wars. No doubt it's because the double bun hair style I chose. My favorite part of the pilot suit face is how the hair turned out; I don't know why, but I just love its glow.
 Above are the designs on plain white, faceless forms. Since the suits are mostly white, I felt peach skin tone would help break up the suit against the body.

Below are the fashion designs when first outlined. I save plain outline versions in case I want to try multiple color options; which in this case I may someday try black and purple on the suits, as part of Pearllight's darker suit phase.

 I think these suits came out wonderfully, hope you enjoy their appearance as I have. ^.~

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