Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ice Palace Princess

In a beautiful palace of ice, danced the princess of winter fairies. Every direction would show a reflection of beautiful blue and glowing white hue. She passed along the crystal halls, dazzled at the shining walls, and then came to the icy stairs and tossed away her icy cares. She may be blue in skin and hair, but this dear princess has great care. She's not as cold as some assume, and is far warmer than presumed. Her final stop is at the stairs, and she gazes at the carved ice penguin, before she joyously dances her way to upper floors, to get some sleep behind her doors.

Image dates back to about 2006/7. Originally created in Open Canvas, original (below). Improvements were made in Photoshop Elements.

My first tweak to the image was level adjustment, and then I added some shading and lighting to certain parts of he picture for more reflective, ice quality. But then I had trouble deciding on the floor, and whether I should leave it as it was, or add extra shine to it. The above image is without floor shine, and the main image at the top of this post is with shine. 

The longer I looked at the shinier floor, the more I liked it. It gave a brighter palace feel, and made the room seem more extravagant in my eyes. In the end I loved the adjustments and am happy with the final results. 

One more thing, Happy New Year! :D

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