Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fur Coat

"Fur Coat" It's a slightly odd digital painting dating back to about 2006/7.

Improvements made: Added burn strokes to define that the coat of the figure is made of fur, smoothed out the hair and added highlights, colored a pair of gloves over the hands; and smudged the ice, coat, and hair. Shading was made where needed.

I Felt the picture looked kind of empty, so I added in a title. Image before text was added (left) is still all right I suppose, but I wanted it to feel less open.

Why I named it "The Fur Coat". Main reason, because the figure is wearing a fluffy fur coat. But, this name also reflects back on a story I started writing when I was very young, and I called it "The Mink Coat". It's concept was about a girl finding a magical coat that brought her to a strange world filled with mythical creatures.
  She wanted to get home, but the only one who could send her back was the fairy queen, who's magical abilities were stolen from her when the evil queen of the South stole the gold butterfly pendant from her neck, claiming its power for herself. The girl then has to go on an adventure and get it back so she can go home, and save the magical world from destruction.

This image kind of made me think of that, so I figured it would make an interesting concept image for a storybook cover or intro image to "The Mink Coat". And the girl is ice skating, which makes sense because the story starts in the middle of winter.

You may have trouble figuring out what you're looking at exactly, so I'll explain what you're seeing. This image is painted from an overhead view, where we look down at the back side of the girl. What you see is the back of her coat and head. He face can't be seen; if I were to draw an arrow of the direction her face and body are, the arrow would point to the upper right corner of the picture. Basically, we're looking at her from above and behind, as she skates away from us, her face and body directed towards the right corner.

Above is the original image. The coat was much lighter in purple color, but the image as a whole didn't seem very defined; which is why I added more fluff, shading, and smooth color.

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