Monday, December 30, 2013


Yesterday I was playing around with digital drawing; my goal, to sketch up a concept picture for a ghost character. Yes, a ghost character, something which has been spinning in my cranium each time I touch the oddly fun movie "Nightmare Before Christmas", a recent movie I delve into once more after a long two years since the the first time I watched it.

Unfortunately in my play, I didn't succeed in making a ghost girl, but rather went another direction which felt more comfortable. I ended up chucking the idea of drawing something good on the computer; I prefer real paper and pencils for that. So instead I took my white slanted brush and scribbled out a girl and bodice, which then formed into a dancing lady with a fan in her hand.

I sort of just winged it, came out quite quickly. Then I wrote the word "Dance" and used the music note brush to add some excitement to the flat background. 

It kind of reminds of a scratch board image, and I think it would make a fun card for someone passionate about music and dancing. ^.^

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