Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cozy Christmas Cottage

Wouldn't it be lovely to snuggle up and enjoy Christmas in a cozy mountain cottage, surrounded by sparkling snow and white covered trees. A lone snow man stands near to an angel, and a deer strays into the yard of this peaceful winter landscape. The corner Christmas tree of the outdoors glows in the vibrant moon light, and the stars sparkle, dancing with a glistening light.

For being so simplistic, I feel quite relaxed at the sight of this old image; mostly because the improvements made to it have definitely helped express it better. Now I wish I could go there. :D

The original (left) is very flat, and on top of that incomplete. Not sure why I never colored in the bushes, and left them squiggly white objects. I fixed up the image by using textured brushes to add interest to the snow, mountains, chimney smoke and bushes. I also added in shading and lighting here and there, replaced the sky color with a darker shade, added glow to the moon, and splashed the landscape with sparkles and stars.

Estimated year of creation- Honestly I can only guess about 2004/5. It's old, that's all I know.

I definitely like the piece now, more so than before. In theory, textured brushes applied to an original concept, with a splash of shading and a dash of sparkle, can make anything old and silly into something new and silly; maybe a little more appealing too. ^.^ 

In case I don't get around to another post before the 25'th; Merry Christmas to everyone, and hope you have a snugly place to relax, whether it be a mountain cottage or a city appartment. :)

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