Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Who

I remember at one time I went through a big craze of drawing with calligraphy brushes in digital paint programs. You know that movie, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"? That's what this image is based off of. This is why everything is drawn in a crooked and off balanced style.

It's a peaceful scene; the two figures are sisters, the oldest one just starting to decorate the tree, and her younger sister pointing outside at the snow. Nothing like being dressed in sparkly outfits and setting up for Christmas in Whoville. 

Granted, the shades are much darker than what the movie was like; very bright and whimsical. But I figure some Whos like deeper royal shades. 

The original (left) is very flat in tone. And the colors blend rather terribly. I tweaked the scene by adding wallpaper and an outdoor scene from the window, shaded and textured the flooring and tree, added in garland and snowflakes, and scattered sparkles here and there. Also added a few more details where needed. I think it looks 
much better now.

Estimated year of creation- judging by the style and simplicity, about 2005 or maybe a little before.

The characters kind of remind me of clay dolls with wooden ball or clay hands, and note the style is made to only show minimal detail.

"Sister Who Poem"

Christmas Time is but once a year
And these two Who sisters take great cheer
In setting up their Christmas tree
To shine and glow with brightest glee

The little who sister points outside
Her heart enchanted and face wide eyed
Look oh look, the snow falls down
Pouring white upon our town 

The older sister smiles wide
Then tells the younger to go outside
And play away in all the white
A most enchanting winter night
Hope you enjoyed the poem, it was a last minute idea to fit the poetry theme of the stories by Doctor Seuss. ^.^

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