Friday, December 27, 2013

Bus Stop

Such a chilly wait for the bus in the middle of winter, hoping to get on soon and travel to a warmer destination. The man calmly waits near the sign, his hands tucked away in his jacket pockets and his ears muffed with fuzzy blue covers.

This image dates back to around 2006/7 I'm guessing. And again it was a scribbler, specifically the man, which is why he looks so funny.

I tweaked it with textured brushes and shading; original image (below). The sidewalk needed some texture, and the snow needed more fluff, so I went and tweaked that. I also added shading and texture to the man's clothing, and painted over the sign then typed the words Bus Stop.
Also, adding some glow and rosiness to the skin and hair, then putting texture on the man's head helped a great deal in getting this picture to stand out a little more.
It makes me chilly just to look at the improved image; makes me glad I've never had to stand in the cold at a bus stop.

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