Sunday, December 22, 2013

Angel Prayer

Angel Prayer
Yay, playing with texture brushes and making new art out of old. :D In the above image I made simple improvements and created what could work as a fun Christmas card.

On a peaceful night, clouds hung above
 An angel prayed with tender love
For all the sleeping down below
 In a land of cold and snow.
Obvious improvements would be adding fluff to the clouds, filling the sky with stars, and I using gradient for the sky color. Then I used purple, light purple, and a pink color to add cloud depth.

The pink angel kind of reminds me of this pink angel topper we put on one of the trees. Maybe that's where I got the idea to draw this at the time of making it. 
The original image (left) is fun and as usual, very simple. 

It made me happier to add fluff to my clouds, and give the piece a darker sky with better stars. Again, like the Christmas Who image, I drew out this picture with a calligraphy brush.  

Year of creation- Guessing 2005/6.

I added in shading and lighting, and used a texture brush to add designs to her dress. I also used a feathered digital brush to make her wings appear fluffy, then added sparkle here and there.

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