Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ice Palace Princess

In a beautiful palace of ice, danced the princess of winter fairies. Every direction would show a reflection of beautiful blue and glowing white hue. She passed along the crystal halls, dazzled at the shining walls, and then came to the icy stairs and tossed away her icy cares. She may be blue in skin and hair, but this dear princess has great care. She's not as cold as some assume, and is far warmer than presumed. Her final stop is at the stairs, and she gazes at the carved ice penguin, before she joyously dances her way to upper floors, to get some sleep behind her doors.

Image dates back to about 2006/7. Originally created in Open Canvas, original (below). Improvements were made in Photoshop Elements.

My first tweak to the image was level adjustment, and then I added some shading and lighting to certain parts of he picture for more reflective, ice quality. But then I had trouble deciding on the floor, and whether I should leave it as it was, or add extra shine to it. The above image is without floor shine, and the main image at the top of this post is with shine. 

The longer I looked at the shinier floor, the more I liked it. It gave a brighter palace feel, and made the room seem more extravagant in my eyes. In the end I loved the adjustments and am happy with the final results. 

One more thing, Happy New Year! :D

Monday, December 30, 2013


Yesterday I was playing around with digital drawing; my goal, to sketch up a concept picture for a ghost character. Yes, a ghost character, something which has been spinning in my cranium each time I touch the oddly fun movie "Nightmare Before Christmas", a recent movie I delve into once more after a long two years since the the first time I watched it.

Unfortunately in my play, I didn't succeed in making a ghost girl, but rather went another direction which felt more comfortable. I ended up chucking the idea of drawing something good on the computer; I prefer real paper and pencils for that. So instead I took my white slanted brush and scribbled out a girl and bodice, which then formed into a dancing lady with a fan in her hand.

I sort of just winged it, came out quite quickly. Then I wrote the word "Dance" and used the music note brush to add some excitement to the flat background. 

It kind of reminds of a scratch board image, and I think it would make a fun card for someone passionate about music and dancing. ^.^

Ice Fishing

A young Eskimo and her black Husky traveled by sled to an ice hole said to be rich with fish. Still she sits waiting for one to bite, her fuzzy friend sitting near in hopes of sharing some meat if her catch is lucky.

Image dates back maybe 2007/8; first made in Open Canvase, later improved in Photoshop Elements.

Improvements made: I made minimal level tweaks, then added a glowing ice ring around the edges of the hole for interest, and put some extra ripples around the fishing string.

Original image (above) is milkier in color obviously. I think this milkiness can prove to be handy for making the scene seem very cold... like how a camera gets foggy when you stay out in the snow. I was more in the mood for a clearer day, so I adjusted the levels to make the color crisper.

Methods to make this image: I used all digital paint; and used the smudge tool on the edges of the blue spot, which caused it to blend and create gray lines on the white. I think it's rather interesting how the smudge tool can make a snowy edge seem shaded.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lone Winter Walk

Through the forest on a snow covered path, walked a girl with dreams and a heavy heart. She closed her eyes and stood still as the snow fell around her, and wondered why things seemed so dead, so sad. Was it just Winter making her weary, or was it her longing for escape? In her heart she wanted 
more; she wanted to live, not exist, and longed for physical companionship she no longer had. Her heart became so weary in this chilled moment of time, that she felt like if she never opened her eyes, the cold would help her sleep forever. But no, she would not give into the cold, she forced her eyes open, and suddenly remembered how many more chances she had to try again, and that the cold was like a mournful emotion; it hurts for awhile, but eventually things get warm again; you just have to bear the cold for awhile, and find something to help warm you till it's gone. 

The little story clip above is just an extra, it's what I feel when I look at the picture. Maybe someday I'll use the picture for a story purpose, who knows.

Improvements on the image were rather simple. Original version (below) just needed some shading and smoother hair. In some ways I feel like the original makes you feel a bit colder, but it also seems a bit too scraggly and dead. The girl is after all meant to look chilled, not frozen.... 
To fix this I colored a smoother head of hair over her scraggly strands, and then smudged the colors together. This helped make her hair look warm and fluffy, rather than sticky and wet. 
I then improved color by shading her face and cloak. This greatly helped in bringing life to her skin, and made her cheeks look very cold. Then the last detail was adding in snow dots to make it appear similar to the original.
Image dates back to about 2006/7. And was originally made in an Open Canvase program. Future improvements were made in Photoshop Elements.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fur Coat

"Fur Coat" It's a slightly odd digital painting dating back to about 2006/7.

Improvements made: Added burn strokes to define that the coat of the figure is made of fur, smoothed out the hair and added highlights, colored a pair of gloves over the hands; and smudged the ice, coat, and hair. Shading was made where needed.

I Felt the picture looked kind of empty, so I added in a title. Image before text was added (left) is still all right I suppose, but I wanted it to feel less open.

Why I named it "The Fur Coat". Main reason, because the figure is wearing a fluffy fur coat. But, this name also reflects back on a story I started writing when I was very young, and I called it "The Mink Coat". It's concept was about a girl finding a magical coat that brought her to a strange world filled with mythical creatures.
  She wanted to get home, but the only one who could send her back was the fairy queen, who's magical abilities were stolen from her when the evil queen of the South stole the gold butterfly pendant from her neck, claiming its power for herself. The girl then has to go on an adventure and get it back so she can go home, and save the magical world from destruction.

This image kind of made me think of that, so I figured it would make an interesting concept image for a storybook cover or intro image to "The Mink Coat". And the girl is ice skating, which makes sense because the story starts in the middle of winter.

You may have trouble figuring out what you're looking at exactly, so I'll explain what you're seeing. This image is painted from an overhead view, where we look down at the back side of the girl. What you see is the back of her coat and head. He face can't be seen; if I were to draw an arrow of the direction her face and body are, the arrow would point to the upper right corner of the picture. Basically, we're looking at her from above and behind, as she skates away from us, her face and body directed towards the right corner.

Above is the original image. The coat was much lighter in purple color, but the image as a whole didn't seem very defined; which is why I added more fluff, shading, and smooth color.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Bus Stop

Such a chilly wait for the bus in the middle of winter, hoping to get on soon and travel to a warmer destination. The man calmly waits near the sign, his hands tucked away in his jacket pockets and his ears muffed with fuzzy blue covers.

This image dates back to around 2006/7 I'm guessing. And again it was a scribbler, specifically the man, which is why he looks so funny.

I tweaked it with textured brushes and shading; original image (below). The sidewalk needed some texture, and the snow needed more fluff, so I went and tweaked that. I also added shading and texture to the man's clothing, and painted over the sign then typed the words Bus Stop.
Also, adding some glow and rosiness to the skin and hair, then putting texture on the man's head helped a great deal in getting this picture to stand out a little more.
It makes me chilly just to look at the improved image; makes me glad I've never had to stand in the cold at a bus stop.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Seal A Wish

I don't know why, but I really like the way this old illustration turned out after tweaks were made.

The original (below) I do believe started as a scribbler image, in other words came about from squiggling on the screen. At first when looking back at this image, I thought it was a polar bear; but then I realized it didn't have any ears, so it couldn't be that. 

I then noticed the gray spots, and knew it was in fact an odd pointy faced seal. 

I decided I needed to add some extra character to the old image, dating back to about 2005/6. First I fixed up the background, darkened the shy, added stars, shading, and some glow to the icebergs and water; then felt the seal itself needed more spots and speckles. In the end I liked the improvements, and love how cute the seal turned out.

A story to match. On a freezing night in the arctic, all the stars shined clearly for every creature to see. A lone white seal stops and points its nose at the sky, staring at the biggest star. No telling what the seal wished for (no doubt a really big fish), but that's part of making a wish, others can't know it, or else it won't come true. ^.^

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Angel In the Sky

Angel In the Sky, another improvement made to old work dating back to at least 2005/6. 
I'm quite happy with how the background turned out, a great improvement in comparison to the original image (below). I sort of surprised myself while experimenting, didn't really think too much about the backdrop and just did it. I used textured brushes to make the clouds and added in some ocean waves with moonlight reflection.

In the end I stood back and looked at my background, and saw that it was better than usual, like the more I play, the more in tune I get with lighting and texture. Unfortunately I now wish the angel looked better, but this project was meant to be an improvement to old work (obviously), not a complete paint over. Thankfully my background layer is separate, which means it can be used for other things, or be displayed on its own at a later time.

Not sure why I felt night time and ocean waves fit the mood better than day time with squiggly clouds; but the more I looked at the  original picture, the more I felt it needed an ocean, and would look better at night. I played around with cloud cover, made it so they surrounded the angel, while still leaving room for the moon off in the distance. Originally I wasn't going to put a moon, but it seemed needed and natural once I added glow on the water. 
My first intent was to make moon glow on the ocean, and leave it assumed that the moon was above where you couldn't see it; but that just felt off to me, so I added the moon in the distance.

Note, I added extra hair and a pair of slippers to my angel for two reasons. The extra hair was for adding more bounce and to cover up the fact that my angel doesn't really have a neck; the slippers were added to make her feet look normal. The rest was just shading and lighing, and that's it.

 I have a small story idea which came to mind after I improved my picture. Could be that this angel is a young girl who went to bed and dreamed that she could fly, and had wings. So she traveled the world and soared over the ocean towards the moon, her plans to explore beyond Earth. And near the end she finds she can never reach the moon, for it's too far away and never gets closer; then she wakes up and smiles that she had an adventure without ever leaving her bed. ^.^ (This idea would help explain why this angel is wearing slippers and a nightgown).

Monday, December 23, 2013

Nutcracker Pirate

  Back in the warm months as I was cleaning out my room, this poor nutcracker fell and broke in several spots. His head fell off, his sword popped away, his feet and hand also broke away. 

You can see his poor state above. Look at him..no feet, no hand, a loose sword, and he lost his head.. the poor guy just broke down. *sniff* :( 

This gave me an opportunity to try something new and different, Not all hope was lost for this poor nutcracker. I managed to find his one foot, didn't have luck finding the other one or his hand, but that's ok. I set out to make him new again; with just a little goop, and a gold hook. ^.~  

And so, he now is a new captain, a captain hook. XD That's right, I made him into a pirate. The wonders of goop are great, his head and foot went on and stayed, the swords was wedged back onto its nails, and the hook was easy to add since his arm was hollow. It's no problem either that he's missing a foot, now it serves as a peg leg.

It comes to show you with a little glue, some simple supplies, and a bit of creativity, even old toys can be made into something new.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Angel Prayer

Angel Prayer
Yay, playing with texture brushes and making new art out of old. :D In the above image I made simple improvements and created what could work as a fun Christmas card.

On a peaceful night, clouds hung above
 An angel prayed with tender love
For all the sleeping down below
 In a land of cold and snow.
Obvious improvements would be adding fluff to the clouds, filling the sky with stars, and I using gradient for the sky color. Then I used purple, light purple, and a pink color to add cloud depth.

The pink angel kind of reminds me of this pink angel topper we put on one of the trees. Maybe that's where I got the idea to draw this at the time of making it. 
The original image (left) is fun and as usual, very simple. 

It made me happier to add fluff to my clouds, and give the piece a darker sky with better stars. Again, like the Christmas Who image, I drew out this picture with a calligraphy brush.  

Year of creation- Guessing 2005/6.

I added in shading and lighting, and used a texture brush to add designs to her dress. I also used a feathered digital brush to make her wings appear fluffy, then added sparkle here and there.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cozy Christmas Cottage

Wouldn't it be lovely to snuggle up and enjoy Christmas in a cozy mountain cottage, surrounded by sparkling snow and white covered trees. A lone snow man stands near to an angel, and a deer strays into the yard of this peaceful winter landscape. The corner Christmas tree of the outdoors glows in the vibrant moon light, and the stars sparkle, dancing with a glistening light.

For being so simplistic, I feel quite relaxed at the sight of this old image; mostly because the improvements made to it have definitely helped express it better. Now I wish I could go there. :D

The original (left) is very flat, and on top of that incomplete. Not sure why I never colored in the bushes, and left them squiggly white objects. I fixed up the image by using textured brushes to add interest to the snow, mountains, chimney smoke and bushes. I also added in shading and lighting here and there, replaced the sky color with a darker shade, added glow to the moon, and splashed the landscape with sparkles and stars.

Estimated year of creation- Honestly I can only guess about 2004/5. It's old, that's all I know.

I definitely like the piece now, more so than before. In theory, textured brushes applied to an original concept, with a splash of shading and a dash of sparkle, can make anything old and silly into something new and silly; maybe a little more appealing too. ^.^ 

In case I don't get around to another post before the 25'th; Merry Christmas to everyone, and hope you have a snugly place to relax, whether it be a mountain cottage or a city appartment. :)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Who

I remember at one time I went through a big craze of drawing with calligraphy brushes in digital paint programs. You know that movie, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"? That's what this image is based off of. This is why everything is drawn in a crooked and off balanced style.

It's a peaceful scene; the two figures are sisters, the oldest one just starting to decorate the tree, and her younger sister pointing outside at the snow. Nothing like being dressed in sparkly outfits and setting up for Christmas in Whoville. 

Granted, the shades are much darker than what the movie was like; very bright and whimsical. But I figure some Whos like deeper royal shades. 

The original (left) is very flat in tone. And the colors blend rather terribly. I tweaked the scene by adding wallpaper and an outdoor scene from the window, shaded and textured the flooring and tree, added in garland and snowflakes, and scattered sparkles here and there. Also added a few more details where needed. I think it looks 
much better now.

Estimated year of creation- judging by the style and simplicity, about 2005 or maybe a little before.

The characters kind of remind me of clay dolls with wooden ball or clay hands, and note the style is made to only show minimal detail.

"Sister Who Poem"

Christmas Time is but once a year
And these two Who sisters take great cheer
In setting up their Christmas tree
To shine and glow with brightest glee

The little who sister points outside
Her heart enchanted and face wide eyed
Look oh look, the snow falls down
Pouring white upon our town 

The older sister smiles wide
Then tells the younger to go outside
And play away in all the white
A most enchanting winter night
Hope you enjoyed the poem, it was a last minute idea to fit the poetry theme of the stories by Doctor Seuss. ^.^

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nutcracker "Rat Fright"

You know that scene in the Nutcracker where the rats come out in the middle of the night? Well, that's likely what this picture is about. 

Obviously I had favorite scenes from the Barbie Nutcracker film; and my ability strong in drawing doll characters with bodies made of rubber. >_<

In the above image we have a poor frightened ballerina dancing around the rats. The smaller one to the left I think is an assistant of the Rat King, who stands on the right and gives his commands. Of course in an actual scene like this, one swift kick form a dancer's leg would kill a rat.

Original version (left). This picture really needed extra oomph to help it stand out. It was also a bit bright for a night scene, and resembled the colors of a well lit living room during the evening, not quite what it's meant to be.

estimated year of creation- My guess is about 2005/6.

I added in the needed shading, lighting; and depth color to the walls, Christmas tree, flooring, windows, and gifts. Then I added extra snow flakes to the windows, and applied sparkles to the main elements to complete the theme. 

My favorite parts of the whole picture is the sheen on the windows, and the cuteness of the rat king.

Peppermint Princess Palace

I almost forgot I had an illustration called "Peppermint Princess", but I changed it to "Peppermint Princess Palace" since this squiggly lady is standing outside a doorway. 

Again, this festive, minty image was a definite inspiration off a scene from the Nutcracker. I always liked the name "Peppermint Princess" ; kind of rings and has a warm sound to it.

Obviously I was quite young when making this; the woman's head is rather odd looking, kind of smooshed and confined, like she had to literally squeeze her poor head into the hood of the suit.

Judging by the style of her costume, I was probably basing it off the peppermint kelly doll from the Barbie Nutcracker series; but changed the style of the suit to reflect more of a cirque-esque style. 
In fact, the suit looks like it would be made of stretchy knit with metallic pinks stripes and sparkles. 

Can you imagine how interesting the Nutcracker theme would be if applied to Cirque Du Soleil? *sparkly eyes and dream face* I can see the Peppermint Princess becoming a contortionist... hence the costume design; though, contortion would better resemble taffy. XD lol. 
Original image (left). Adjustments made to this piece helped bring out the candy theme better. First I added shading, and gave the figure a shadow. Then I added lighting and reflection, to make the walls and candy canes appear shiny like hard candy tends to be. Last I added sparkles to the snow and everything else. This helped make it magical looking. :P

Estimated year of creation- My guess is about 2005/6.

In day dream, I think that this is a doorway leading to the outdoors of the Peppermint Princess's palace. 

Judging by her expression she sees someone nearing. Who it is she can't quite tell (no doubt it's Clara). And from there the story continues.

Sugar Plum Princess

I remember way back when I didn't know how to draw hands and such, but still enjoyed myself in making art on a simple paint program. I chose basic colors and used the bucket tool for nearly everything. And yet, even in its simplicity I find there's something oddly fun about kid art.

"Sugar Plum Princess" was for a fact based off the Nutcracker Barbie doll. Back in the day I was a big fan of the Nutcracker Barbie movie, and I made art inspired off of it. 

I fondly remember showing this picture to my mom, feeling surprised and happy that I made something which for once looked pretty good in my eyes. No doubt the piece took more work to make when I was a younger artist, than it would take for me to make it now; but that's the beauty of it, I was happy because I pulled off something challenging for my abilities at the time.

The art piece was of course in flat colors, as all my older works are; original version (left).

estimated year of creation- My guess is about  2005/6. 

I used the same tweaks for this piece as any other. Added some shading and lighting, extra snowflakes, and sparkles. I'll admit the sparkles are pretty heavy, but I love sparkles, and this is after all a magical 
candy coated land of sugar crystals and snow.

More old work coming soon. ^.~

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Penguin Christmas

Penguin Christmas
I'm at it again this year, going through old art files and applying gained experience to make them look better than their predecessors. I spoke of this concept back on the Old Art-Snow Fairies post.

In the above image a silly mother penguin shows her little boy penguin how to hang an ornament on a tree. He happily holds up his ornament and copies his mother; joyfully participating in the decorating of their igloo home for the holidays. His mother encouragingly pats her sons head in approval of his fast learning.

Can you spot a little fishy ornament on the tree? It's the only ornament of its kind. ^.^

 The original image (left) dates back pretty far, my guess is about 2007/8. 

The improvements: I added shading and lighting to the tree, ice blocks, and penguins. I also filled in messy, blotched areas with extra paint to make the image smooth. Then I applied details like snow flakes and sparkles to the tree and its skirt.

And just like that, I made an old picture new; and can now feel satisfied that it can serve well as a Christmas card.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Fashion Postcards

Looks like I'm getting to this sooner than I thought. I have indeed added a background to my Christmas fashion designs today, making them more like postcards.

You can see their full posts from yesterday- Sweet Holly Christmad Dress  (left) 
and Peppermint Princess (right).

For the Sweet Holly outfit, I used an existing desktop background which fit the the theme perfectly. And I made my own backdrop for Peppermint Princess by making a white and pink gradient backdrop, and added a splash of red flower shapes around the border (which from a distance look sort of like crushed peppermint candy).

Yay for Photoshop Elements in helping me to make quick backdrops for fun designs. :D

Monday, December 16, 2013

Peppermint Princess Costume

This "Peppermint Princess" ballet costume design is based off yet another digital doll design I , which you can view at the bottom of this post.

I think designing costumes based on sweets and foods is a fun game. This particular theme is of course more of a Christmas thing, and is kind of an inspiration based off the Nutcracker.
(Left) is colored outfit with plain white form. (Right) is the outline for extra color experimentation.

Mediums used: Marker paper, Prismacolor markers, jell pen, and micron pens, and digital fashion form/tweaks.
The image (left) is the doll form I based this costume off of.

Each doll represents the same character, Pearllight; and each design made which is based off these dolls will look similar, because I'm trying to make the costume look similar to the doll, hence the same corset style each time.

I did tweak a few things on the costume for the actual fashion form. Like adding pink to some parts of the sleeves, making the red straps into striped candy cane hooks, added white to the earrings, and puts sparkly dots all over the skirt and a little bit on the sleeves.

I've been told lots of my designs look very similar to each other, but it's not because I can't design different things, it's because what I'm designing for the moment is mostly based off these digital dolls I've come to enjoy.

The Peppermint Princess costume is a "sweet" costume, which will eventually be given a backdrop and turned into a fashion postcard as I plan to do with all my doll based fashion designs. If you like this, see also Sweet Holly Christmas Dress for more Christmas fashion fun. ^.~

Sweet Holly Christmas dress

This Christmas themed outfit, made to look like an elfish sort of costume, is inspired off of a digital doll I made on a website (see bottom of post for those pics). "Sweet Holly" is what I call this design, serving as name for a character, and because the straps of the dress are holly leaves. The outfits color scheme is meant to represent the holly theme, hence the green and red. 

This is a definite costume I'd wear for a Christmas party; I might even add some bells on the shoes.

The images above (left) is the full colored version without body color and face; (right) is the outline of the drawing just for the sake of having and applying different color schemes to.

Mediums use: Marker paper, Prismacolor marker, jell pen, and micron pens for outline.

I colored most the outfit with marker, the skin and face were digital, and I used jell pen for accents like the red polka dots on the skirt. If you look close you'll see I also added sparkly red dots here and there to add some interest on the skirt.

To add life to my fashion design, I placed it over my digitally colored fashion form, and added tweaks where necessary. This resulted in the final design at the top of this post.

These two image (left and right) are the inspiration for this costume. Like other projects I've done by this method, I took a doll design, then applied it to an actual form with my own style. Both dolls are the same in the above images, I just displayed both to show the two different backgrounds I chose.

Normally I backdrop my fashion designs, but that will be for a later time; and I'll likely make a post with specialty fashion postcards for the season. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Winter Rose Gown-fashion

Winter Rose Gown
  This fashion design dates back to 2009 from, yet again, one of my favorite sketch books.
I designed this outfit off of a day dream where my character Pearllight was walking through the snow in a beautiful gown of white, with red rose accents. She wore the gown to stay warm, and the roses were red so she could be spotted on the winter landscape, and not be lost in a flurry or storm.

The day dream is of geeky origin; I drew the character as if she were speaking to someone. In the day dream she was in fact traveling through the snowy lands of Ko-Koro, the ice region of my favorite series, Bionicle. During this time she sang and danced, but was interrupted by Kopaka, the Toa of ice. He wished to know why she was wandering alone in the cold, and she simply stated she was needing some time to herself.

In the day dream the dress design was blurry, and not quite the same as I drew it. Originally the designs was purely white and red, no green. There was also no beading on the costume; I just felt it needed some extra details. In the end it looked like a dress fit for Christmas, so I placed it on a snowy backdrop and added a red rose on each corner.

Original, plain version with color adjustment (left).

Mediums used: Colored pencil, watercolor pencil, sparkly jell pens.

 There are a few things off about the picture, but that's ok, it's old. The beading I made on the outfit was colored with sparkly red and green jell pen; unfortunately the luster of those sparkles weren't picked up by the scanner. To make this better, I added sparkles digitally, just a hint here and there to indicate where sparkles are suppose to be.

After additional adjustments, I added my design to a background and got a picture which could be made into a post card. 

Interesting what day dreams can lead to huh? 

More fashion for Christmas coming your way, so stay tuned. ^.~

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snow Bird Card

Gold Snow Bird
 Last year I made these two snow bird cards (Second try above, first try below). The idea started after I did some stamping experiments on different kinds of paper. 
I discovered that embossing on photo paper leads to very smooth results, and is great for sparkly projects like the white snow bird below.
White Snow Bird
The white snow bird was my first try, and the card came out prettier than I expected. I gave this card to my mom for Christmas; and decided to make a video, using my second set of experimental stamping (meaning I already had a gold and a white bird stamped on two different papers). 

 To the left is a close up to show the sparkle of the white snow bird card. That blue color you see isn't actually an ink color, but the color of the embossing glue; which to my surprise worked well with the clear sparkle embossing powder.

I also embossed the silver designs on the edges. Both stamps I do believe were made by the Inkadinkado company.

Materials used For gold bird card: 
 scrapbook sky paper, regular white paper, photo paper, bird stamp, gold ink and embossing powder, translucent jelly roll sparkle pen, snowflake stickers, razor pen, glue, brayer, cutting mat.

I love both the cards, gold and white; though I will say the white version looks better in person than on the computer.

  And now, here's the video (below) for you to enjoy. Have fun giving this idea a try, and be creative with whatever you have on hand. ^.~

Friday, December 6, 2013

Pearllight Under Suits-fashion

 As I've explained, my icon character's name is Pearllight. Just today I posted two new pictures of her suit drawn over my fashion form. These Proportionate Pearllight Suits were, however, just the first step. I've had multiple day dreams of what her under suit would look like, and the images above are what came to mind for this concept. 

On the left is Pearllight's "Beach Day Suit". This was my first concept drawn, based off a day dream of my character walking along the beach during an off day when all seemed safe not to wear her armor. The added skirt tuft was part of the day dream, I thought she could use some extra girlishness, and it seemed to add a rather interesting flair.

On the right is Pearllight's "Pilot Suit". I call it her pilot suit, because I feel that's what she most commonly wears under her armor. Note it's designed to cover all of her skin, to protect her while she's in armor. I've been told this design has a Tron like theme to it; stands to reason, being that I made the suit to look technological.

Both the suits would be made of a highly flexible, and very durable material, a bit like knit. The suits stretch over the form, and zip up the front.
Note the color scheme of these suits are made to match Pearllight's outer armor. Teal blue and white are her main color schemes. Both suits can be worn safely beneath the armor, and cause absolutely no hindrance of armor movement or flexibility.

The faces and skin color were added digitally. I felt it helped the suits stand out better. And in personal opinion, the hair style and face on the pilot suit reminds me of Princess Leah from Star Wars. No doubt it's because the double bun hair style I chose. My favorite part of the pilot suit face is how the hair turned out; I don't know why, but I just love its glow.
 Above are the designs on plain white, faceless forms. Since the suits are mostly white, I felt peach skin tone would help break up the suit against the body.

Below are the fashion designs when first outlined. I save plain outline versions in case I want to try multiple color options; which in this case I may someday try black and purple on the suits, as part of Pearllight's darker suit phase.

 I think these suits came out wonderfully, hope you enjoy their appearance as I have. ^.~