Friday, November 1, 2013

Pumpkin Stencils

I haven't done my carving this year. No big deal as long as they're still selling pumpkins, just in time for lighting up November.

Above are the stencils I plan to use for my pumpkins this year, or maybe next.
      On the left is a Nouveau peacock motif which I enlarged, then turned into an outline. I included a thumbnail of the actual image so I have a guide line to work by as I carve.
      On the right is a mask from a comic book character I like. I included a thumb nail (in the bottom left corner) of the image I used to make this stencil. Again, it serves as a guide line, same as the peacock. 

For all details on how I made the mask stencil, just see Tahu Nuva Mask Stencil post here. 

These stencils can not only serve as a s guide for pumpkin caving, but can also make great additions to your journal and book projects, simply by cutting out the shapes, and using paint to apply them. Nice way to add an interesting touch to a book cover or journal page.

I've already printed out my designs on paper, and they're ready to go.

More projects to come, having so much fun! ^.~

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