Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pastel Practice- Cirque Face

Cirque Pastel Face
Awhile ago I tried experimenting with Prismacolor pastels; my goal, to see how well it worked for making soft and glowy skin color. 
I started my project on a sheet of 9x12, tan memory book paper, which served nicely for chalk pastels, being that this particular paper has a toothy yet soft surface.

I drew out my face with a dark peach tone, didn't bother starting with pencil first (which in some ways may have helped.) Once I got down a basic outline, I chalked in shaded areas with the same color; then began build up of skin tone by using a light peach, a little white, and a pale gray.
 The gray was very important to making a nice skin with that added glow. It's true that skin has a lot of gray in it, especially very pale skin. 
After a ton of rubbing and tweaking, I got my skin, which I like the look of. Then I added in extra details like hair, eyes, lips, and makeup. 
The eyes and lips had to be the hardest part, next to keeping shape to the nose during blending.
Unfortunately, the final results weren't as great as I hoped, specifically with how the eyes came out, which I tried to redeem with additional makeup. I went for a Cirque Du Soleil look, and had to of course choose two of my favorite colors, green with a hint of teal.
Drawing eyes with square shaped pastel sticks is very tricky, which may partly be why they came out a little off; but there was no changing that once it was done. None the less, I set out to play with making nice skin, added a little blush, and that part came out just fine. ^.^

Hopefully in the future, sketching and coloring faces will improve, till then, enjoy! ^.~

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