Saturday, November 16, 2013

Journal Insert Experimenrt- Sweet Frank Flier

Sweet Frank Flier Page
When I saw this flier image in the pile of papers on the table, it made me smile. I've always loved what you can do with food and toys for Photography; and the creative image made Frankenstein look like the sweetest monster you could know.

There were several more pages I liked in the Parade flier, specifically ones pertaining to candy or containing cute ideas for October. Since I liked certain pages, I decided I would try something; the idea, to pick and choose images you like in a flier, and create an insert out of the flier itself.

I started off with Mod Podge Paper, a continuation of my experimentation in using the product; first tries can be seen here Mod Podge Paper- Experiment and Review . Once more I faced wrinkling problems here and there, and in theory I do believe it's because the paper I'm gluing is fairly thin, the glue is pretty wet, and I'm still practicing. :P

I made a video of the entire process just for fun, see below.


The final page turned out all right; though I think that next time I'll stick to using Mod Podge for the entire project, rather than experiment with other mediums like double stick  tape for adding my cover.

Truth be told, I might not even advise using glue or tape if you have enough pages that fold, and just sew or staple the flier together, so you can flip through the pages you do like, and still have pages that are just there as part of the flier; that way you won't risk wrinkling problems or tearing of favorite pages, and only have to worry about gluing the very back page of your flier to the scrapbook page. It all depends on the set up of the flier though, some parts would still need gluing if you have loose pages you want to add.

My final scrapbook page came out cute, regardless of the crinkling problem I faced during the the placement of the front cover. I learned a lesson that when you're trying to concentrate, and using very unforgiving sticky materials, it's a wise idea not to make a video and craft while people are home and making noise.....especially if you're like me *twitch, jump at a noise, drop the paper, and scream at the mistake*. O_o 

Additional page details

I completed my page with embossing and Moon jelly, jell pens. 
For the flier page I used a circle chain stamp and white embossing powder; then colored the dots in with matching jell pen colors to pick up on the candy tones in the flier cover. I colored them in a repeating patter going from blue, green, purple, and orange. 

The final step was to write in florescent green, the color which matched the green marshmallows of the picture.

On the other side I drew squiggles and dots with the same jell pen colors, and based it off the candy theme still; which I felt squiggles and polka dots matched the theme best.

 Last detail I'd like to add; the above image is the inner page of candy you see in the video. I scanned my favorite pages in case an accident were to occur, that way the original piece would still be a perfect scan with no wrinkles, bubbling, or tears. 

I'm glad I take the extra step to scan an image before working on a project; for the sake of preserving the original picture in case a problem does occur.

To the left is the original front page image I scanned before facing a mess up in the project making stage. It's still smooth and preserved, showing what it looked like before my little wrinkling accident.

My simple advise as an artist, is to scan favorite images before using the originals; or scan the image and print out a picture of it, still saving the original somewhere in a folder. Not everyone will want to take that extra step, but it does help in preserving the image, and keeps you from feeling completely terrible is something doesn't quite go according to plan.

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