Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Future Fairy Costume-elements and pattern

 As I mentioned in the Autum Monarch Fairy- costume post, I found a pattern which is very close in style to the design I made. The pattern listed above is what I got for my future costume; a Simplicity pattern based off a fantasy artist's drawings. It's surprising how close the designs of this pattern are to my design; the only different is the top style. 

I was shocked to find the original cost for the pattern was 17.50; but we buy when the patterns go on sale, which means we only payed a dollar for it.

Below are the fairy wings and stocking set I got on sale. Everything from the wings, stockings, and pattern were purchased at our local Johan's store. The wings and stockings were 70% off, which means it only cost about six dollars for the adult set of fairy wings, and about 2.50 for the pantyhose (Yes they are pantyhose, just labeled as stockings. They go all the way on.) 

I love the Maori-like designs on the wings; one problem is how much glitter sheds off. I plan to get on that and seal the glitter on better with some glue spray; till I actually get to that though, I keep the wings in their plastic package.
 In total for the main elements (wings, pantyhose, and pattern) it only cost about ten dollars. The last step is to find material for making the costume, which will likely be the main cost. I plan to use shoes I already own, and I know for sure that jewelry won't be a problem, I have plenty in my collection to choose from. So, till the future and hopefully a new costume, this is what I have so far. 

It comes to show you that if you look in the right places, and wait for sales, making a costume isn't so bad in the end. Just have to use a little creativity here and there for smaller things like jewelry and shoes ^.^

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