Monday, November 11, 2013

Autumn Monarch Fairy-costume

Autumn Monarch Fairy

 This costume design was inspired off a set of wings and stockings I found on sale near the end of October. I chose the orange and black color scheme over red and black or black with silver glitter, the two other wing sets which were still available. On top of that the stockings matched the orange wings; so I got them to start a costume. The main reason I chose orange and black is because I liked the idea of looking like a Monarch in Autumn.

I designed the outfit so I could have something to wear with my wings and stockings, and as of yesterday, I found a pattern which is almost exact to this design; I might post about that at a later time, with a few pictures of my inspiration elements (wings and stockings).

Though fashion designs don't need backdrops, I like to have multiple options on the art list, so I went ahead and used a nice desktop image, tweaked the color just a tad, and it worked wonderfully with the design; the yellow spot haloing the wings and head of the fashion form was a nice touch, I think it makes a cool postcard.

 I put a sheet of bleed proof paper over my fashion form outline, then drew the design out in pencil first, tracing over the form which showed slightly beneath my paper. Next step was inking (right image above) and I got my official outline.  

Before I colored my image, I went through several color schemes digitally to get a feel for what I wanted. Below is the panel of each color scheme I tried from first design starting on the left end, to last design ending on the right end. I ended up settling with the color scheme of second version.

I tried to find colors which cooperated with orange and black; purple with yellow orange, along with some brown, did the trick. 

Last step was for me to color my final image with Prismacolor markers, which did a radiant job. Then I used hints of jell pen to make the black bead fringe on the upper skirt part, add purple  metallic swirls to the corset piece and ribbons, highlight the black with white, color the hair decor with gold, and dot the wings with clear sparkle. Final results were very bright, satisfying, and more radiant in color scheme (left image above next to outline). 

At first I did the backdrop version as a flat mat (above); but felt it looked far better with a black frame surrounding it, so I went ahead and made two version; one with and without a frame.

The final results were satisfying and helped add some life to the fashion design; made to be like a postcard more than a display for the outfit.

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