Friday, October 4, 2013

Sugarspice, Autumn Colors

Sugarspice the Autumn color fairy
Sugarspice, the fairy who spices up the color of the leaves with a little drop of sugar. Her name and purpose were yet another last minute idea that clicked in there. She loves to dance from leaf to leaf, and flounce her gypsy leaf skirt while touching the branches of each tree with her sugar yielding wand. 

This illustration dates back to about 2009. Mediums used-colored Prismacolor pencils, and chalk pastels. The colored pencil was used for the leaf, fairy, and surrounding border; while the chalk pastel was used for the wings and sky.

My favorite parts of this illustration is the outfit and the wings. The wings are oddly radiant, and all at once soft with the combo of chalk pastel and colored pencil; mixing the chalk colors in patches helped it look like those air brushed fairy wings you can purchase for costume. 

Note, if you look closely you'll see the fairy has solid eye color, no pupil. I left it that way feeling it fit her plant base nature better, her eyes a bright green like the chlorophyll of plants. 

As I mentioned in the Autumn Based Sketches post, this illustration matches up with the style I drew Grace, the Autumn leaf fairy, no doubt a friend of Sugarspice. Here's image to Grace for style comparison-Grace, the Autumn Leaf Fairy 

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