Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin and Candy Collage Art

Home Carved Pumpkin
A long time ago when I was pretty young (I'm guessing about 11 or 12), I did these two collage pictures with a passion for the season. Both were inspired off my two favorite things; pumpkin carving, and a bag full of sweets.
 The elements of both images were hand drawn, cut, and pasted. I simply used cheap construction paper, a little bit of marker, a pen, and some foil. 
For the above image "Home Carved Pumpkin" I used pen to add some lines on the pumpkin, cut out the windows and door crack, then places the orange pumpkin over top of some splotchy yellow paper to make it appear lit. 
    I cut some orange chunks and strips of paper to look like the shavings from within the pumpkin, then cut out some cream paper in oval shapes and colored them with tan marker to serve as pumpkin seeds. For the knife and spoon, I simply cut out the desired shapes from a sheet of kitchen foil, then added a brown handle to the knife blade and there you have it, tools fit for pumpkin carving.
     I may note that I actually made some house pumpkins when I was younger, no doubt the reason I made this collage. Someday I may try to find the old pictures of my carvings, and share them here. ^_^ 

Sweet Treasures
"Sweet Treasures" was a more challenging collage compared to "Home Carved Pumpkin". It required more elements, and careful planning.
     First I made the background by using a sheet of black; then made the table cloth by cutting a strip of purple paper, cut out some triangles from a dark blue sheet of paper, and glued them on as a table cloth design.
      For the candle holder I folded strips of kitchen foil and glued them together as a square, then made the candle with red paper, and cut out an oval from yellow paper for the flame.
       The bag and candy were the most complicated. For the bag I drew out the shape with pen, and cut it out, one side given a rippled edge to make it seem crumbled and full from a long night. I then cut a black U shape for the handle, pieced together a candy apple image with red and brown, then worked on candy elements.
       I made candy by cutting out different shapes and colors, then piecing them together. The chocolate bars, spelled " Chocklate"...(must be a foreign brand, just kidding. :P Didn't know how to spell it properly at the the time.) were made by folding foil strips to look like wrapped bars, then covered with a brown paper strip and labeled as chocolate with a pen. 
      The longest step was making candy corn. I had to cut individual corn shapes, and color each one with marker to make them look right.
      Once I was done making all the candy elements, I glued them down to look like bunches of candy was falling out of the bag, and I used some of the pieces to decorate the treat bag. (Would have been easier to find actuall pictures of candy to save time; but as I recall, I made candy because I couldn't find any images for use...which is kind of good thing, and kept the picture from clashing with real imagery verses it's "constructed" background.

I still love both collage pictures, even in their age; hope you do too. ^.^

P.S. Have you wondered where I went for the past 19 days? News is my old computer glitched on me; but no worries, I have a new one! And I'm as ready as ever to continue sharing. :D

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