Sunday, October 6, 2013

Monster Costume

My monster costumes, a full outfit inspired off a simple toe sock design. I would love having this costume for real, but the materials required would not add up cheaply. The socks and gloves would have to be pieced and made out of a stretchy, black and green striped knit wear with plastic nails sewn to each finger and toe digit. The headband, depending on which one you choose to wear, would have to have plastic horns, or hand sewn felt with knit material and fake fur. The jacket itself would be made of synthetic leather (a type of sleek vinyl either painted or pieced.) The day dream of this costume is that I would wear it because I'm goofy, and as Pearllight fashion I would pretend to be a cute Jusha, creepy creatures of the woods that come from a story I'm currently writing.

To make this full design, I first designed each element of the costume separately, thought out the colors, then applied it to my personalized fashion form. I simply laid a sheet of tracing paper over my drawing and drew out the costume around the forms shape (right image above is what I got). After I had my desired design, I scanned it and outlined it digitally, then aligned it with my fashion form and made required tweaks (left image above is final design). I then took this completed design and printed it out for the next step of coloring. I used Sharpie and Le Plume markers, with a hint of colored pencil, and believe or not a little eye shadow. Sharpie was used to color all my designs; from the jacket, to the socks and gloves, to the main design put together. I loved the way the colors blended, but man does the black ink stink. Le Plume and some other brand were used to color the skin and gray parts of the costume, colored pencil was used on the eyes, and eye shadow was used for eye makeup and blush.

The Jacket design itself was so much fun to design. I sketched it all out in pencil first (see below left image) and wrote simple details about what each drawing was. Then I inked my image with a fine tip marker and scanned it onto my computer (below right image); all the hand writing vanished after the scan and clean up. And then I colored the designs, scanned it again, and typed in some basic description. The jacket clips up the front with hook and eye buttons. I made the buttons silver since it stood out the best; before hand I was thinking about making the buttons black or green, but that just didn't work. The front is lined with green strips where the jacket split meets, and if the jacket were to actually be made, it would have black piping along the green strips to separate the two flaps, preventing them from being a solid green line with no definition of a split existing. I also added a tail which attaches from the inside of the jacket so you can't tell it's separate. On the inside there's a clip which the base of the tail attaches to, which means if you don't want the tail, you can un-clip it and store it elsewhere. I added the additional split on the back of the jacket so the tail would flop around and show freely. The green fringe lining the sleeves of the jacket would be made of a translucent material of the same green color to everything else. Note that I drew the green designs of the jacket to resemble large scratch marks, which is why I gave everything a jagged edge. I also made two different headbands, not being able to decide whether I wanted horns or ears; I decided horns looked better.

And now for the final design page, not to mention the first design page which started the theme of my entire monster costume. I started off by drawing a funny idea for toe socks, only felt like giving them sharp nails and padded feet, this calling them monster socks. They turned out being a really funny, and really cool idea. I felt it would be even more fun to put rubber grip on the feet to prevent slipping, and make it look like a creatures foot pad. Each toe, the side of the foot, and the heel would have rubber grip. Though, I drew the rubber foot pad on the wrong side in the above drawing; it's suppose to follow along the outer edge of your foot for a more natural grip as you walk. After making the socks, I decided gloves would be cute, so  I designs a pair that followed along the same concept. They have nails, along with finger and palm grip so you won't have as much trouble holding things like you normally do when wearing regular gloves. 

Once I made the socks and gloves, I couldn't resist designing a complete costume, and so I have.

Hope you enjoy, and if you like my design, feel free to comment and tell me why.

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