Thursday, October 3, 2013

Autumn Wind Fairy, revised

Autumn Wind Fairy
This illustration was once shared back in this post here A Sudden time of Creativity . I was rather short on details, and in a slight hurry to get it up and out of the way; but as it goes with many of my old displays, the alignment was rather poor, and the cropping quite shabby. I set out to fix this problem, just as I have with other images like "Farmer's Wall".  Above is the new version, properly aligned and tweaked; note yet again the color is slightly different from its predecessor, shown below to the left. The level change I used made it more yellow, and displayed it's true tones. It's not as shaded as its predecessor, but aligned none the less, as it should be.

The fairy should have a name, I think maybe Ember, the fairy which brings fire to the leaves and carries that burnt leaf scent through the air as a sign of Autumn. Sort of matches the whole flowy red hair and orange red breeze which she lightly walks on. I find it cute for a last minute idea.

On the left is original version of Ember, the burning leaf fairy. This version is improperly aligned, but you can't tell unless you get in close. I almost like her shade in color better in original than in new, but again, can't remember how I pulled it off. To the right is the base image when no tweaks had been made beyond alignment. Again, digital programs saved the day when it comes to bringing life to a picture. Mediums used were predominately watercolor pencils, used for the sky, wind, and hair. The faerie's skin, and dress were done with Prismacolor pencils, and her wings were colored with chalk pastels with hints of colored pencil.

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