Saturday, October 5, 2013

Autumn Flounce, fashion

Maple Goody Outfit
Autumn Flounce, an outfit design inspired off a doll I made on Dolldivine in the pinup maker. Some of the most interesting ideas have come to me during play time on the digital doll site, and looking at other art styles provided through multiple doll making programs helps boost my creativity and fashion design. Above is my Autumn Flounce outfit, which I decided to frame for interest. Originally I had hopes to frame it with some scanned scrapbook papers, but still haven't scanned my desired sheets, so I settled with a digital frame; and may create a set of fashion cards with nicer backdrops later on, but for now I want to show it as is.

Some tweaks have been made to better fit the actual human structure, and when hand designing I have room for making the design look however I want, being that I'm not restricted to limited options for clothing design and color choice like I am in the digital doll programs. To the right is the original doll created in the pinup maker, there's an original post she's been mentioned in here- Autumn Flounce Dolls where I also include another doll named "Candy Apple", a design I may someday draw on my fashion form as I have "Maple Goody". I tend to call this design Autumn Flounce because it rings better. The name of the doll itself is Maple Goody, which I mention on the "Autumn Flounce Doll" post. The dolls outfit has been called Autumn Flounce, but Maple Goody still fits. 

I found that I had to make a few color switches and tweaks to the design when drawing it onto my fashion form. For instance, the sleeves originally didn't exists, since the program didn't provide that option. I added straps to the bodice and puts heart tattoos on her arms to make it appear as if she had lace sleeves attached to her straps. This design worked fine on the doll form, but had to be changed on my fashion form; so what I did was make a decorative trim to line the top of the bodice, basing it off the red straps of the dolls outfit, and went for a layered leaf look to fit the Autumn theme. Then I added the lacy sleeves, but found they looked better when blue, instead of red like the original. The rest of the bodice was pretty strait forward, I just changed the bow size, and kept everything else to original color scheme. I also drew my own design of boots, made them brown instead of black, and decided blue stockings looked better than red. For some reason the colors chosen for the doll look right, but the colors for the fashion form needed to be switched here and there. I also went ahead and designed some jewelry which dangles and has leaves in it, along with a personalized head band which I tweaked and added more color to. I also mimicked the hair style of the doll, but didn't keep it exact, and used my actual hair color instead of orange. The only way the outfit would fit exact to the doll is if you have a wig made to look like the dolls hair. Last thing I did was slightly mimic the makeup onto my fashion form and it was complete. 

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