Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Autumn Based sketches

Autumn Dancing
Being that I did quite a few sketches in the past, some of them pertaining to Autumn, I feel now is the time to bring them out of the dark, otherwise they may never be seen, incomplete or not. All these pieces date back to around 2008-2009, the first two done with a fine tipped pen, and the last sketched with pencil. Sometime I hope to color the sketches, and possibly use them as elements for silly postcards or children's illustrations; but for now I wish to bring the sketches themselves to light, in case I don't color them before Autumn is out. If I do manage to get them colored this year, I'll be sure to blog about them sometime, and include link back to this post. "Autumn Dancing" is one of my favorite themed sketches, I think it has something to do with it's movement; no doubt it will be much nicer with some color slapped on for that extra touch.
Acorn elves
I couldn't think of a better name for these rather stiff sketches (above), but I do like them even in their imperfection. I figure they would make cute elves since they're dressed in that style of clothing, and the one has an acorn cap, so I figure they'd be cute acorn elves. With some color added, and a set of wings, these sketches could easily be turned into fairies of some kind.

Grace the leaf Fairy
Last Autumn Sketch is Grace, the leaf fairy. Grace was a last minute name, I felt it fit her face and the way she's posed. This sketch is a definite for future use. If I color her and use her as an element, she could easily fit a pretty illustration or postcard. I could make her any color, but she's not just a leaf fairy, she's meant to be an Autumn based leaf fairy, which means her colors are meant to be rich and jewel toned. The particular style of Grace matches up with another illustration I made later, and I'll be sure to share that one soon, with link reference back to this image. 

Stay tuned for more fun Autumn themes. ^.~

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