Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Whimsy Flower Garden- outfit

 This outfit design dates back to around 2007, indeed it's quite old. I still love it, always wanted to try and make a fabric material based off the skirt design by using a batiking technique, unfortunately I will probably never get such a chance. This design may be redrawn and displayed on my personalized drawing form, but the original image displays enough for now. This outfit would have a type of pleated skirt, and the shirt has a rounded collar with ruffles lining the edges of it, and the sleeves. I also went ahead and thought up some jewelry to match, made with my own whimsy flair in mind. 

I wanted to match the whimsy style and help display the piece with a themed frame, as I usually include with all my recent fashion projects; so I settled on a vintage polka dot backdrop with swirly frame to match the movement of the vine patterns in the skirt. Not sure if the backdrop did the outfit justice, but I feel it turned out okay. Below is the design without frame for showing just the design purely, not trying to set a mood. Both version of framed and unframed work from what it seems.

You may be wondering, what's with the spring themed outfit during September? Well, I figure Autumn isn't here till the 22 of this month hits, and being that my area of living isn't the least bit chilly yet, still holding a 90 degree temperature, like summer is still in the air; I feel it's still appropriate to blog about all the warm and cheery colored things I didn't get to share on here during the summer. So, if warm weather and flowery tropical themes are still in your step, you might like to drop by and see what I have in store before the 22 comes round the corner. ^.~

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